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Blankets for Dogs that Chew – Our Best of 5!

Most pet owners sleep in a separate bed or room with their pet. Because of it, you need to provide them with a dog bed of their own and also a dog blanket to add warmth and comfort. But, the problem associated with this is if the dog is an aggressive chewer. What are the suitable blankets for dogs that chew?

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We have reviewed here 5 of the best dog blankets available in the market. This will help you trim down your choices and guide you with your buying decision. Moreover, if you still in doubt whether to buy one or not, we have here the advantages of using a dog blanket and why do they really need one. So, if you are ready for this, check them all out below! 

The Advantages of Using Blankets for Dogs that Chew

Like humans, dogs also need a blanket for them to have a comfortable sleep. Aside from that, dog blanket also comes with various perks and they are as follows:

Soothes and relaxes the dog

Generally, a dog blanket has a soothing property. A dog blanket tends to be comfortable in order to keep the dog relaxed all throughout the night. In fact, dogs know that a blanket is a tool for them to get comfort and peace. Most of the time, dogs have a separate bed from their pet owners that’s why it is very essential to give them a good quality dog blanket.

Moreover, dog blanket of good design guarantees that the dog can surround itself with something comfortable even if you are not around. Dogs always have something distinct that for them are very comforting. Yet, most of them are looking for blankets for dogs that chew as a good solution for this. And, if you are one of them who want to give blanket for your furry buddy, then begin to go after a dog blanket of high-quality.

Based on studies, dogs that sleep with the thing that seems comforting to them will let them have a better rest. Actually, feeling comfortable and having a good night’s rest has a natural relationship with each other. Just ensure that the dogs are also taking benefit from this as well.

Offers warmth to dogs

Basically, covering the dog with blankets especially during the night should consider their body temperature. There are countries where winter’s night is too cold. It will still uncomfortable for your furry friend to sleep even if they already have a dog bed.

Moreover, there are significant numbers of pet owners who assume that the fur of the dog is already enough to protect them from the cold. But, that’s essentially untrue most of the time. Rather, the dog’s body temperature may reduce to the point where sleeping becomes difficult. The best solution for this is to provide the dog a safe and good quality blanket during their sleep at night.

Most experts say that canines sleep better in places where the conditions are warmer and can be addressed through the help of a conventional dog blanket. An added comfort will be provided by using a warm dog blanket at night. This will generally guarantee that the dog comfortably rests within their dog bed. If not, they will surely exert signs of fatigue as they gear towards the weekend due to having improper rest.

As a pet parent, it is a big responsibility to keep the dog’s body warm and it should not be taken for granted. Well, the good stepping stone for this is to buy a good quality dog blanket. This will generally ensure the health and overall fitness of your dog.

Develops familiarity

Rubbing some bit of the scent into new blankets for dogs that chew can basically produce a great result. Most of the time, the dog seeks your presence as a tool for their comfort. Usually, this is the most common connection that the dogs produced. Being a pet parent, you are there for your pooch most of the time and be a part of their family.

Just like what we’ve said in the earlier part, it is very uncomfortable for the dog to sleep somewhere apart from your room. This applies true for younger ones because they are still on the process of enhancing their independence. Moreover, the sense of familiarity will also let them guarantee that the dog will not feel restless when you are not around.

That’s why some bit of your scent rubbed over their blanket will be enough to make them feel comfortable at night. Doing this will make you see the dog running around with the blanket on. Moreover, just ensure that the dog properly rests on the blanket at night. This familiarity is very important due to the fact that you will not be at home most times of the day.

Enhanced sleep

The sleeping habits of dogs are very essential in considering when you want to offer them blankets for dogs that chew. Generally, the average sleeping time of dogs is about 12 – 14 hours per day. Meaning, if there will be any disturbances to get along the way will havoc their sleep patterns. These disturbances include temperatures irregularity within the house, sleeping in a separate room from the owner, and not feeling at ease within the dog bed.

Due to this benefit of the blankets for dogs that chew, you need to be proactive and stake your money a high-quality dog blanket. Aside from that, the dog’s sleep can be improved by a relative margin making a better dog’s life quality. Moreover, the enhancement of sleep patterns will generally incorporate more years into their life.

In case you never bother to give them a good dog blanket, definitely, your dog will never have a good night’s sleep. If you basically introduce new blankets for dogs that chew, you will immediately notice significant changes in the energy of your dog the next morning.

Gives peace of mind


Another benefit of using blankets for dogs that chew involves you as a pet owner. This includes your peace of mind when going to go to bed. You will have confidence that your dog is sleeping safely in another room having a good blanket. And once you land on the good quality dog blanket, you will add a layer of protection and peace of mind that your dog is protected while he sleeps.

Moreover, this is a good adjustment in terms of the psychological aspect of the dog and the pet owners. It will definitely develop and improve your relationship with your furry friend.

Why Dogs Chew on Blankets?

Basically, nursing from their mother is the main reason behind dogs chewing and sucking on blankets. They generally try to fill their need that they had before when they were just a puppy. Initially, dogs have this behavior of looking into something that reminds of their mother so that they can chew and suck on it. The dogs who were not breastfed and weaned correctly are the ones who will showcase this behavior.

Example, an orphaned puppy who was bottle-fed most of the time may now look for things to turn to or on blankets for dogs that chew. Another reason for this canine’s behavior is anxiety, hunger, and teething. Generally, at the age of 6 months, the puppy starts to develop teeth and as an adjunct to the pain associated with the teeth development, the puppy will chew on things like a blanket.

Aside from that, dogs have the possibility of developing separation anxiety the moment you leave them alone at the house. In order for them to relieve their worries, they begin to chew on blankets for dogs that chew. Moreover, blankets having smells of food may trigger the dog to begin chewing on it to relieve their hunger.

Ways on preventing dogs from chewing on blanket

For you to be able to address the issue involving blankets for dogs that chew, you must have to consider the occurrence of such dog chewing incidence. Other factors to check are the age of your pooch, his teething condition, and if they are suffering from pain.

Once you already know the root cause of the chewing habit, try to offer some new toys to your dog for them to enjoy and get entertain instead. It is actually better to have a collection of various toys and change it every other day to prevent their boredom. Also, remove the blankets for dogs that chew on the dog’s mouth the moment you caught him chewing into it. But take note that the dog should not be aggressive or growling if you do this.

Under a calm and relaxed tone, offer him some toy and praise him for the chewing behavior that they did over the toy. Moreover, feed the dog nutritious and well-balanced diet and about 30 minutes of exercise once a day. And if the cause of the chewing behavior is separation anxiety, consider hiring a dog sitter who can take him on an outdoor walk when you are not at home. You can also hire a dog trainer who will teach him the proper way of coping when you’re alone.


Aside from proper training, one way to address the chewing behavior of your pooch is purchasing dog blankets like the ones we have below. These dog products may help in making the jaws of the dogs stronger together with the warmth and comfort that they offer. However, if you are really on a tight budget and can’t able to get new blankets for dogs that chew, you may consider making your own chewing deterrent spray.

Simply mix apple cider vinegar of about 2 cups with white vinegar of 1 cup. Basically, spray it over the ordinary blanket and on things that your dog is chewing. It will definitely help them to stop sucking and chewing over those items. The bitter taste of the spray will generally discourage the dog from that negative chewing behavior.

The most important thing here is to consult the vet when you notice any unnecessary behavior to verify that your furry friend is not suffering from any medical conditions. Remember that chewing behavior for puppies is normal but when he’s old enough and suddenly begins doing it, it calls for something essential.

What to Look for When Buying Blankets for Dogs that Chew?

Actually, petting a chewer may make the replacement of blankets for dogs that chew along with other doggie products a little bit pricy. This dog product protects the furniture inside the house and even your car from chewing. Moreover, considering a chewer, you must have to take into account some factors for having the best blankets for dogs that chew.

1. Chew proof or chew resistant

Actually, the most important factor to take in mind is that there is no dog blanket that is purely chew proof. But, there are lots of products and company that claim of having this feature. In fact, dog owners petting dogs for several years already have the idea of the dog’s management of their chewing behavior. So, it is not logical to assume that dog blankets cannot be chewed by your dog.

Meanwhile, you will see many dog blankets available in the market with chew resistant feature compared to others. Having this may generally make the dog blankets chew proof. Once you purchase blankets for dogs that chew, always do a regular check over it to ensure that there are no bite marks or torn off. And if you already notice that the blanket is worn out, it is actually an indication that it is a subject for change.

2. Material

High-quality material is actually one of the most important factors to consider when looking for the blankets for dogs that chew. Claiming a chew proof blanket and believing on that claim is actually easy. Yet, the material’s thickness may close the deal. Keep in mind that the material has additional reinforcement to guarantee a sturdier dog blanket compared to the regular one.

Majority of the materials that made up the dog blanket are polyester, plush, fleece or wool. Most of them are double-sided for extra thickness and resistance. Aside from that, it should also be durable and comfortable.

Moreover, the thickness of the blankets for dogs that chew varies on its use. If you are using it indoors, a thin blanket would basically do the job. But, you should go for a thicker one if the dog will have it on the outdoors.  

3. Cleaning

The next important thing to consider after the chew proof feature of the blankets for dogs that chew is the way of cleaning as it is really essential to keep the blanket clean. This feature is highly beneficial for you and your furry buddy. Keep in mind that a blanket that is dirty can attract bacteria which will eventually cause illness. It is actually better to look for a dog blanket that is machine washable.  

4. Size

In choosing the blankets for dogs that chew, the size of the blanket really matters. It should be big so that it can accommodate the size of your dog. Moreover, there should be enough space to allow your dog to lay down in a more comfortable manner.

List of Blankets for Dogs that Chew

OUR TOP PICK: Mambe Waterproof Dog Blanket

Product Name: Mambe Waterproof Dog Blanket

Product Description: The first on our list of blankets for dogs that chew is none other than the Mambe Waterproof Dog Blanket. It made its way on the top because of its refined style in combination with luxury and expensive-looking fabric. Aside from that, it also maintains the dryness of the furniture while keeping them hair-free. Moreover, the middle part of the blanket has pure 100% material preventing the distribution of spilled drinks, mud from dog paws or dog pee. The Mambe Waterproof Dog Blanket can also amaze you by its ease of cleaning feature as tumbling it on the washing machine is very simple. In addition, the drying process is also very convenient through the low heat. This dog blanket is so fluffy which is carefully made and checked in the US.

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  • Softness
  • Water-resistance
  • Durability
  • Easy to clean
  • Lightweight


There are definitely some dogs that chew and suck on furniture. Using this soft and plush blanket will ensure that your furry friend does not havoc anything underneath. That’s why the Mambe Waterproof Dog Blanket is the best buy.

Product Features

  • Ability to protect furniture and bedding
  • Has a chew-proof feature that can be resistant to licking, drooling, and dog incontinence
  • With fabric that is elegantly soft and cozy
  • Very intact even after various use and washing
  • Comes in reversible color
  • Really easy to clean


  • The middle layer is purely waterproof
  • Made in the US
  • With soft fabric material making it suitable for both dogs and humans


  • Easily glides on the sofa and bed
  • Emits chemical smell


Loving Blanket Cozy Soft Dog Blanket

blankets for dogs that chew

If you are looking for more water-resistant blankets for dogs that chew, then you could never go wrong with this Loving Blanket Cozy Soft Dog Blanket as it is waterproof all throughout. Since it has no nylon bases or spray-on items, the cozy softness of this blanket is generally ideal for pets and babies. Moreover, it also comes with a reversible feature having warm polar fleece on both parts.

The Loving Blanket Cozy Soft Dog Blanket has the ability to cover the bed or even the whole car’s backseat due to its large size. Aside from that, this blanket is also waterproof making it ideal as a dog bed cover and for use on human’s bed. Due to its thickness, the fabric is very difficult to bite by the pooch.

Product Features

  • Absolutely comfortable
  • With reusable zipper travel bag for storage during travelling
  • Very ideal for all sizes and ages of pets
  • Purely waterproof
  • Perfect for outdoor and indoor use
  • Made of warm polar fleece
  • With guaranteed satisfaction
  • Difficult to wash and dry

ALLISANDRO 350 GSM Washable Fluffy Dog Blanket

The thing that makes the ALLISANDRO 350 GSM Washable Fluffy Dog Blanket perfect for most dog breeds including poodles, Corgi, French bulldogs, and terriers is its excellently soft material. That’s why allowing your pooch to lie down over this type of blankets for dogs that chew can make them feel comfortable and warm as they sleep. The premium quality that it has should be generally credited on its flannel fleece material.

Moreover, the design of the ALLISANDRO 350 GSM Washable Fluffy Dog Blanket aims to protect your upholstery from chewing, scratching, and unwanted pet hair. Additionally, this dog blanket features a water-absorbent property which maintains the dryness and cleanliness of your pet dog.

Product Features

  • Guarantees to offer a good night’s sleep to your dog due to the premium quality flannel fleece materials that it has
  • Highly suitable for outdoor use due to its easy rolled-up mechanism
  • Can accommodate large pets
  • Eye-catching design
  • Multi-color variations
  • Excellently durable
  • Shed resistant
  • Fabric too soft for washing

PetFusion Dog Blanket

blankets for dogs that chew

The thing that makes this PetFusion Dog Blanket be part of the list of blankets for dogs that chew is its ability to catch loose dog’s hair. Aside from that, this dog blanket also helps in preventing those unwanted dog’s hair to land on your furniture within the house. Basically, the PetFusion Dog Blanket has a special type of plush materials that can easily dry out on air after washing.

It is very easy to clean as well over the washing machine making it clean and germ-free. Purchasing this fabric blanket will let you end on a safe buying decision. Moreover, this pet blanket is generally available in four various sizes based on your needs.

Product Features

  • Comes with a double-sided style and plush fabrics to prevent shedding
  • Highly functional and super comfortable
  • The color selections are all attractive which complements on any home decorations
  • Machine washable
  • Made of 100% polyester micro plush
  • Excellently soft quality materials
  • The fabric is too thin
  • Size is small

PetAmi Waterproof Blanket for Dog

The PetAmi Waterproof Blanket for Dog is generally versatile due to its fleece and Sherpa materials. It is also waterproof making it one of the comfortable blankets for dogs that chew. Aside from that, its multi-color and pattern selection results in a great looking style of dog blanket. This dog blanket aims to offer protection over your home’s furniture and the sleeping area of your dog.

Moreover, the PetAmi Waterproof Blanket for Dog is suitable for an elevated dog bed, dog crate, dog house, and even on car seats. It has an excellent water-resistant feature making it a good product for paws full of mud. Despite being lightweight, this dog blanket is highly durable that withstand various conditions after various use. 

Product Features

  • With excellent waterproof features
  • The material comes from plush fabric material keeping your dog warm during sleep
  • Color variation comes different shades matching your home’s style and design
  • Very much applicable for small and medium-sized canines
  • Machine washable
  • Fast drying
  • Made with 460 GSM microfiber polyester
  • Easily snagged by dogs

Frequently Asked Questions


A: Basically, dogs also need blankets and veterinarians recommend offering additional warmth to your dogs by the clothes or blankets. Smaller dogs generally have a difficult time making themselves warm even if they have a thick coat. If we, humans, can feel cold, our dogs may also feel the same way too.


A: It is actually better to cover the dog using a blanket. This kind of dog item can generally make them feel warm, comfortable, and incorporate additional value to their lives. Similar to humans, dogs are not mindful if there is something warm over their bodies at night.


A: Most pet owners are concerned about the possible suffocation of their dogs under the blankets. But, there’s no need to worry because based on experts, dog suffocation under the blanket is very unlikely. Yet, you just have to ensure that the cover is not tight enough around your dog and that they always have a way to easily get out.


A: The probable reason why dogs like soft blankets are due to their strong-smelling sense. If the blanket has your scent over it, the dogs may usually like to curl up with it.


A: Basically, the best way to stop the dog from chewing on their blankets is to encourage them with the behavior. But, you should offer something to chew on which can help them to deter from chewing on other items like the blanket. Actually, it depends on the condition, like their teething. There are special chew toys specifically designed for that canine’s situation.

Final Thoughts

Blankets for dogs that chew basically aim to give warmth and comfort as your dog sleep separately on their dog bed or crate. Generally, providing your pooch with dog blankets entails numbers of advantages that may give them a satisfying canine’s life. Aside from that, there are important things to consider when you decide to buy dog blankets which include the chew proof feature, material, cleaning, size, and other features that may come along with it.

In addition to that, when we speak of the dog blankets, you must have to buy a premium-quality item to be part of your investment over the years. Instead of purchasing a cheap dog blanket, it is actually ideal to opt for the one that can withstand any conditions for various uses in the long run.