Health & Diet

Easy way to keep your dog healthy

A dog is said to be man’s best friend, so keeping him in good health must surely be a priority for most dog owners. There are some simple steps that every owner can take to keep their pet healthy and happy every day, saving on expensive vet’s bills as well as maintaining a happy dog.

For most pet lovers dogs are not just an animal, they’re a member of the family. Their health and happiness is of utmost importance. Taking simple steps to maintain your dog’s vitality will have him continuing to enjoy his days for years to come.

Get grooming
Every dog will benefit from frequent grooming both at home and professionally. Different breeds require different levels of care but all should have some degree of grooming. Keeping his hair trimmed and out of his eyes, for example, can cut the risk of eye infections that can eventually lead to blindness. Leaving your dog’s hair for too long, particularly long-haired breeds, can not only lead to severe knotting and matting which can lead to dry skin and itchy flaking. Do also ensure that nails are trimmed as ingrown nails can be an issue.

Tooth care
If your friendly haustiere has smelly breath then he’s not alone. Gum disease and bad teeth are an issue for a huge proportion of dogs. If you let plaque and tartar build-up then you may find yourself faced with having to take your dog to the vet to have this removed. Regular care at home can avoid this. There are specialist dog tooth brushes and paste available along with several dog chew products. When offered to your dog regularly, can help prevent build-up.


A balanced diet
Just like you, your dog requires a healthy, balanced diet to stay feeling well. You should choose a dog food of good quality and, as long as it seems to agree with your dog, stick with it as dogs digestive systems seem to react best to familiar foods. Keep weight in check and do watch for any changes in your pet’s eating habits as this can be a first sign of health issues.

Enjoy exercise
Every dog needs plenty of exercise. Although different breeds require different levels of exercise, at least one hour a day is a good minimum to stick by. Pay attention to your dog’s needs while walking too. On hot days, be sure to carry water with you for long walks and avoid long walks in the midday sun. Keep an eye out for any signs of damage to your dog’s paws from rough ground to ensure no small cuts get infected.

Keep an eye open for warning signs
Your dog can’t tell you when he’s not feeling well so it’s your job to learn to pick up those early signs of trouble. Anything abnormal is worth a visit to the vet.