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How to Calm the Dog from Thunder?

Dogs are lovely pets. Different reasons make the dog a good pet as they help people with loneliness. Dogs provide us feeling of emotional well-being and provide us unconditional love. And they create comfort as well as create a company for the people who are living alone. Dogs are calm most of the time, but there are some reasons that can make them frightened. Dogs get afraid and anxious during thunderstorm. Dogs are often scared of thunder as they do not understand what it is. Like fireworks, thunder is very loud, unpredictable, and, in most cases, produces unpredicted quick flashes of light. There are a lot of reasons dogs might have thunder phobia or astraphobia.

Here are some tips that help people calm their dogs during thunder. If the dog has thunder anxiety, there are some steps you can take to keep him calm and peaceful during thunder.

Come Back Home with Your Dog

For the dog who is fearful of a thunderstorm, being alone will get make thunder anxiety even worse. If thunder or bad weather is in the prediction, be home or have somebody stay with your dog in the storm.

Stay Relax and Calm

A good thing to do is to stay relaxed and calm near the dog in the thunder. Generating a big-fuss near the dog just proves to him that there’s a valid reason to be scared. Therefore, showing them that you’re relaxed and calm will probably help the dog realize there’s no real danger.

Help your dog overcome thunder

Provide them a Secure Space

Provide your dog with a safe and secure indoor space to go when he is afraid. If the dog is crate trained, he might feel secure in the crate along with a good chew toy to enjoy his time. Cover wires of the dog crate with a blanket to help absorb the sound as well as leave the door open, so he does not feel trapped or confined. In case your dog does not have a crate or is not used to it, try giving it a safe place even outside the crate. Think about providing him a treat or cuddly toy to help make the situation good. Shut the window blinds so the dog cannot see outside.

Put your dog’s crate or bed in the soundproof room of the house. A dog crate is psychological and natural protection for the dogs and might have an amazing effect on their comfort and ease. It is also useful to shut the window blinds to protect the dog from the visual excitement of the storm.

Distract your dog during a thunderstorm  

If the dog is scared of thunder, switch on the television or soothing and relaxing music to drown out the noise. If he is feeling good, grab the toys and have a good time with your dog. Make sure to encourage him with his favorite doggie snacks, as well.

Try to play with your dog to keep him occupied. Turning on the TV or Radio can help counterbalance the sound of thunder.

Get prepared for the Next Storm

Dogs scared of thunder

Try desensitizing the dog to the noises of thunder. Try to play the sounds in lower volume in the background as you can play different games or provide them goodies. Try to do this at about the time when positive things happen, such as dinner, going for a walk, or playtime. In case the dog is responding in a good way, then you are able to slowly boost the level of the sounds at a rate that the dog feels safe with. Throughout the course of a couple of weeks to several months, it will help him relate the sounds of thunder with fun.

Speak with your Veterinarian

 Your veterinarian is the best person to talk to regarding pet dogs and their fear of thunder. They might suggest a jacket, shirt, or cover that pertains to light, constant pressure. It will help reduce stress and anxiety (much like relaxing a child with swaddling). If the dog’s thunder anxiety is really serious, check with your veterinarian for other solutions that can help your dog feel calm.

Make sure to rehearse positive reinforcement with your dog. Do not try to punish or scold him for the thunder phobia as the fear is not disobedience. Training your dog for pleasant and new associations is a good strategy to relieve his thunder anxiety.

The dog knows thunder is approaching before you, except if you have a look at weather prediction! So, try to build a good relationship of trust with your dog. Whenever your dog knows that something uncomfortable is approaching, definitely you are his best safety-net; after that, he is likely to trust you more easily when dealing with any enemy, no matter what that might be; in this situation, we’re talking about thunder.

Build Trust between You and your Dog

Trust isn’t produced from dog training to perform stay, heel, sit. Trust is developed on how you react to their communication signals during the day with you. Dogs talk about what they are doing. Dogs do the same as they are feeling. Dogs notice and try to replicate our actions and emotions. Behave as stable and instruct the dog to feel secure and safe in your company, knowing that you’re there to help keep them protected.

A dog who believes in you as well as understands you fully will be relaxed and calm. When something occurs abruptly, the dog will certainly react more quickly to your support if adequate trust has been developed.

A study has shown that dogs who eat natural food, free of unneeded carbs as well as fillers, are usually calmer and much healthier mentally. If your dog gets anxious about a thunderstorm, you can try giving natural feed to him.

For highly anxious and fearful dogs who do not react to the above-mentioned methods, consulting your veterinarian about thunder-phobia will be the best option. Although storms may cause dogs to cause damage to the home as well as themselves, there are many pet relaxation strategies a person can use to reduce their anxiety as well as increase their level of comfort.

This is one of the most commonly used products that has thousands of satisfied customers. It has been prepared specifically for anxious dogs. it keeps them calm and always relaxed. Apart from thunderstorm, this product can be used for dogs having separation anxiety, excessive barking problems and as a stress reliever. It has been endorsed by some vets for its beneficial effects.

Holistic products have been quite successful in tackling behavioral problems and anxiety related issues in dog. This success has been the reason for tremendous increase in their popularity. The biggest advantage of using these products is that they have almost no harmful effects on dog health.

These treats show their effect on dog’s mood and behavior within 30 minutes of intake and that lasts for almost 12 hours, depending on the dose.

CBD Products

CBD products are all natural derivatives of hemp which is closely associated with marijuana. These products have been used for recreational purpose for centuries. Modern scientific research has revealed amazing health benefits of these compounds. Cannabidiol has effect on Endocannabinoid system of body that controls mood and behavior of dogs. CBD products are easily available commercially. You can consult your veterinarian for product selection and dose rate confirmation.