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How to Relieve Dog Period Cramps

Period cramps are uncomfortable for dogs, and they need special care from their owners during these trying times. A soothing massage, natural painkillers like ginger licorice root extract, or even holistic vet services like acupuncture may provide much-needed support and relief.

Keep Her Hydrated

Female dogs experience estrus as part of their reproductive cycle, where hormone production suddenly spikes and fluctuations to prepare the body for mating and pregnancy. While this period can cause symptoms such as cramps, lack of appetite, and bloat, most dogs only experience mild discomfort during this time.

Maintaining proper hydration for your dog can be one of the best ways to help ease their discomfort. Ensure they have plenty of water throughout their day and their water bowl stays full – this will keep their stomach hydrated, alleviating cramping pain.

Your dog may benefit from taking a warm bath or using a hot water bottle to ease her period cramps, as this will relieve their stress, relax their abdominal muscles, reduce inflammation, and alleviate any bloating caused by the increased fluids in her body.

Acupuncture can also be an effective means of treating period cramps in dogs. By balancing hormones and reducing inflammation associated with period cramps, acupuncture can provide relief. When giving acupuncture treatments to your pup, though, always consult with their vet first, as a certain dosage may be required to work effectively.

Offering your pup lots of love and affection will help them relax during its cramping phase, distracting them from discomfort while making them feel cared for by you and knowing you are there for support in such a difficult period.

Give Her Some Medication

When your pup goes into heat, hormonal changes can cause pain and discomfort. Your vet may recommend medications or natural solutions to alleviate period cramps for maximum effectiveness.

Massage can help relax and soothe your dog’s muscles. If massage isn’t your cup of tea, simply sitting with her and petting can ease her anxiety – the soothing touch will take her mind off the pain or stress of her cycle! Acupuncture has also proven effective in improving blood flow to tightened muscles – something massage cannot do.

Many owners make the mistake of giving their dogs over-the-counter medications such as ibuprofen or Tylenol to ease period cramp pain; however, this should be avoided as these could make your pup sick and worsen symptoms.

Your pup’s body is going through many changes during her cycle, making finding a balance between rest and exercise important. Ensure she has plenty of access to water and food throughout her day and take short walks without off-leash playtime.


During her period, your dog may feel queasy and decline to eat as usual; this is perfectly natural; ensure she receives adequate nutrition by offering small treats throughout the day.

Offering her a hot water bottle or heating pad may also help as another way of providing relief. Just be careful not to set it too high as this could result in burns or scalding injuries; therefore, choosing one designed specifically for dogs that maintain lower temperatures for your pup’s comfort and relaxation would be ideal.

Massage Her Stomach

When dogs go into heat, they will likely experience period cramps that we humans take very seriously and attempt different remedies to ease. We provide our loved ones with heating pads (check Amazon), hot water bottles, and other soothing comforts to relieve their discomfort during this uncomfortable time; in addition to giving medication as needed, we may also try massage therapy and acupuncture treatments as an additional source of relief.

Dogs in heat go through an estrus process, lasting from 7 to 21 days, which involves large hormonal fluctuations to prepare their bodies for potential pregnancy. Unfortunately, this often leads to fatigue, pain, irritability, and loss of appetite, as well as potential bleeding episodes.

Since our pup can’t express how she’s feeling directly, we must rely on other signs to ascertain whether she may be suffering from period cramps. One such sign is shaking, often due to pain or discomfort but sometimes due to anxiety or other causes. If your dog begins shaking frequently, try petting her gently while speaking calmly to comfort them; this should reduce her stress and alleviate her cramp pains.

One way to ease a dog’s distress is through massaging their stomach. This can be accomplished by lightly stroking her abdominal area in circular movements to relax tense muscles and promote blood flow; this may reduce period cramps. Some dog owners even use hot water bottles on their abdomens to ease any pain or discomfort they experience during massaging sessions.

Give Her Some Chew Toys

Dogs love chew toys, so having plenty available during their period is a great way to distract their minds from cramps. Just ensure they are safe for them – toys without strings or tassels they could swallow are best; alternatively, try giving her something soft she can snuggle close to for comfort and warmth.

Behavior changes during a heat cycle are entirely normal; dogs will likely become more needy than usual and want more time with you, which is normal. Some dogs may become more aggressive or anxious due to hormone changes; this depends on your particular canine’s physiology – as most will resist pain well, so take note.

Some dogs will exhibit physical responses such as whining and other forms of vocalization as an instinctual reaction to pain during their period, while others might become more agitated and irritable, and some sleep through it all. At the same time, these symptoms are normal and should be taken seriously by owners and vets alike.


Relief from your dog’s period cramps doesn’t have to be complicated or time-consuming if you take an alternative approach. By keeping her hydrated, giving them medications, massaging her stomach, and playing with her as much as possible while providing emotional support, and distracting her with chew toys or heat pads, and offering emotional support, you can help make her more comfortable during this difficult time.

Take Her for a Walk

As most pet parents know, the heat cycle for dogs can be challenging for both themselves and their owners. Hormonal changes may cause discomfort such as pain, bloat, loss of appetite, or other symptoms, but there are ways you can assist your pup through period cramps to ensure they’re feeling their best!

By taking her for a walk, you can help her relax and forget about any cramping she is feeling. Plus, this will provide vital exercise needed to stay healthy – which should reduce some of her pain. Just be sure she remains leashed since she might not want to interact with other dogs or people during this time.

Another excellent way to soothe her cramps is with a relaxing massage, which will reduce both her anxiety and stress, both of which contribute to more pain. Be sure to use gentle strokes and not rub too hard, or she could become uncomfortable. Wrap a heating pad or hot water bottle in a towel to prevent burning her stomach too hotly.

As your dog goes through hormone changes during her period, they require extra calories to compensate. Just ensure she receives food that contains adequate nutrition so she won’t experience nutrient deficiencies; if in doubt, consult your vet!