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Is Human Shampoo Safe for Dogs – Myths vs Facts

Dogs are the most adorable pets for most people. Though they cannot speak, the love that they give to their owners is way beyond words. Their affection is what makes us take good care of them. However, not every situation is in our favour. We might have to rush sometimes and unwantedly ignore some stuff related to our dogs. One common thing is its shampoo. 

Is human shampoo safe for dogs? This is often confusing for most people and troubles every dog owner, irrespective of its breed. To answer this, we first need to know what happens when we actually use human shampoo to wash a dog. Read on! 

After-effects of Using Human Shampoo on a Dog: 

Human Shampoo good for dogs.

As mentioned above, the answer to the question – is human shampoo safe for dogs depend on what happens when we use one. The following factors delineate some crucial information about the difference between human and dog skin reactions to a human shampoo. 

  1. The pH Balance: 

PH is the measure of acidity and alkalinity of a certain thing. A dog’s pH entirely defers from a human. The skin’s upper layer is actually a barrier and protector of the deeper layers. It is known as the acid mantle. It washes away whenever we apply soap or shampoo to the skin. So, these products incorporate moisturizing ingredients to protect the skin until this layer heals itself. 

Human pH is slightly acidic, whereas a dog’s pH is neutral. Using a human shampoo disrupts its acid mantle layer, leaving it prone to deadly viruses and infections. Moreover, this acidic nature may make its skin flaky and irritable, leading to repeated scratching. That makes your dog more vulnerable to harmful bacteria and parasites. Is human shampoo safe for dogs? Not really! 

  • Skin Sensitivity: 

It is an open fact that a dog’s skin is more sensitive than human skin. After all, human skin is formed from several layers. Studies suggest that human skin has around three times more layers than that of a dog in general. So, washing off the very few layers with an incorrect pH shampoo might cause irreversible and permanent damage to its skin.

Whenever anyone asks is human shampoo is safe for dogs, experts and vets suggest against using it. Of course, we might use it in case of an emergency when your dog’s shampoo runs out, but that shouldn’t be continued in the long run. The results are before you! 

Is Baby Shampoo Safe for Dogs? 

Just like the discussion for the question – is human shampoo safe for dogs, some people argue that baby shampoos suit dogs the best. They say that babies’ skin is also sensitive, and this can cover the dog’s skin well. On the contrary, the answer still remains the same. Of course, baby shampoo is still a better option than a regular human shampoo. It can come in handy once in a while but not all the time. Baby shampoos also have fragrances and coloring agents that can cause skin irritation to your dog. So, it is best to use dedicated products instead of relying on them. 

What should you use to wash a dog? 

There are different dog shampoos and soaps in the market. These products are designed based on a dog’s skin and other relevant qualities. Be it shampoos or soaps, they avoid ingredients with potential damage to the dog’s skin. So, instead of relying on a human shampoo and other DIY hacks, it is best to use pet products to ensure your dog’s safety. Dog shampoos are preferred by most people in general. 

What can we use to wash a dog if we don’t have a dog shampoo? 

Some alternatives also have a significant impact on cleaning dogs, though dog shampoos are the best way. These are safe and readily available too. We can use corn starch or a dishwasher as a temporary measure. We could also make homemade dog shampoos with ingredients like aloe vera, glycerin, etc. These ingredients have excellent moisturizing properties and hydrate your dog’s skin effectively. However, keep in mind that these are only temporary remedies. A dog shampoo with safe and cruelty-free ingredients is the only reasonable choice for long-term usage. 

Is there any safe human soap for dogs? 

Some products coming from plant-based ingredients, unscented bars, etc., are entirely safe for dogs. Some soaps contain botanical oils that are not harsh on dogs. They can be used as well. Moreover, pure glycerin soaps, cruelty-free products are also reasonable alternatives to good dog shampoo. 

Can we give a bath to the dog without shampoo? 

Regular baths can happen with just water. Though it seems like a bath, your dog may not be as clean as you want it to be. Moreover, if you wish to clean messy skin or dirt, you will need shampoo for it. In some cases, some people use a mixture of vinegar and distilled water for the same purpose if they run out of dog shampoos. You can also use apple cider vinegar to clean some parts of your dog’s skin. Ensure that these don’t cause skin irritations to your dog before you rely on them. 

Should we use a conditioner after shampoo for washing the dog? 

In general, dog shampoos come with excellent nourishing properties. So, you don’t have to use a conditioner in specific. However, it can help your dog in some cases. If your dog is smelly in between a bath, you can use a gentle conditioner to do the part. This saves the extra time to be invested for a full and proper bath. 

The Bottom Line 

If you are still thinking of the answer to – is human shampoo safe for dogs, the answer is not positive. As mentioned above, it can be used as a temporary solution. But this is also not a preferable choice. Baby shampoos are sometimes better than these. Ultimately, it is best to use the products designed for dogs based on their skin and other relevant factors.