Top Facts about Corgi Husky Mix

The Corgi Husky Mix is also known as the Horgi, Corgsky, and Siborgi. It is a small to medium breed dog about 13 to 15 inches tall. This breed is slightly bigger than the Welsh Corgi but smaller than a Siberian Husky. 

The breed is known for its playful personality, loyalty, and trainability. They are the best if you want to have them as a family pet! Corgi Husky mixes have a thick coat, which can be either long or short, depending on their parent’s breed. The common colors of the Husky are white and black, and they also come in different colors, such as red, gray, and brown. 

 What Is a Corgi Mixed With a Husky Known As?

A Corgi and Husky mix is also known as Horgi. They are small, full of energy, and playful as they inherit the best qualities from their parents.  

Physically, it looks like a tiny Husky with a white and gray coat color that comes with black accents and curls and a long tail, a characteristic of the Siberian Husky. 

As mentioned above, they are known by different names, and you can call them whatever you think makes them look cute.

Fact Sheet of Corgi Husky Mix
Height13-15 inches
Weight20 pound -50 pound
CoatThe double coat can be long and thick. If it is husky, fur can be more dense, medium, and straight.
SheddingSeasonal shedding, which can be moderately high to very high
TrainingCan be trained easily through a persistent and firm approach
Health ConcernsEye, skin, and back problems. Serious concerts such as DM, PDA, Epilepsy, Obesity, Hip dysplasia, and Von Willebrand’s disease
Exercise needsRequire long walks every day
Life span12-15 years if in good health
Price of a new Puppy$300 to $800

Origin of Corgi Husky Mix

The Siberian Husky and Pembroke Welsh Corgi or the Cardigan is the breed that is known to herd and work. It is a descendant of two breeds that are reliable for herding. The cardigan is also known as Pembroke Welsh Corgi, the oldest among Britain’s breeds of dog. 

The first Pembroke, which was brought to the US, was in 1933 by some American breeder. Huskies became famous after they were imported to Alaska, which was at the end of the last century, that is, during the Gold Rush. However, most of the Siberian Huskies in the US came from Siberia sometime in the 1930s.   

Corgi Husky Mix Looks  

The Corgi Husky’s frame is small, making them a cute and tiny version of the Husky. Some of them may have a gray and white coat with black accents and the long, curled tail that you may see in Siberian Huskies. Along with that, some of the other features that you can expect from Husky Corgi are-

  • Head- The head may appear like a fox.
  • Eyes- The eyes are in the shape of an almond.
  • Skull- The skull of the Corgi Husky is wide and flat, available in the middle of the ear.
  • Ears- Most upright
  • Hindquarters- It should have moderate angulations at the hock and stifle. The hindquarters may also display enough power to propel it efficiently.
  • Forequarters- The Forequarters are moderately broad and well let down between the forelegs of Horgi. They are quite heavy because of their size and are not too heavy to be less agile.   
  • Neck- A Corgi Husky‘s neck is long and provides maximum balance. The shoulders are clean and well-blended.  
  • Body – The rib cage is growing well. 
  • Topline- Topline is firm and level that comes with a small depression at the back of the shoulder that allows you to reduce the body coat, which is coated by a heavy neck coat. 

Corgi Husky Mix Personality 

The Corgi Husky is also known to be beautiful and loyal, just like the pure breed parents. With their unique, intelligent, and loyal characteristics, if you decide to own the Horgi, that may turn out to be the perfect pet parent for your fur baby.  

This family dog is quite friendly to make a good watchdog because they are also less threatening to strangers. 

Corgi Husky Mix Temperaments 

Corgi mixed with Husky are quite unpredictable temperaments because it may show you attributes of the parents’ breed. Some of the things one should consider with Husky and Corgi Mix.

  • The breed is friendly but not over-friendly, and you can relate with strangers because they have a trusting nature.
  • It is a social creature that endears kids and people. They love the attention given to them by their pet parents.
  • The Corgi Husky Mix is the match that is made in heaven, as they are the ideal dog for a family. They are social dogs suitable for your family as you can train them well.
  • An amazing companion that will fulfill the emotional needs of pet parents.


How much is a Corgi Husky mix? 

Husky Corgi Mix

The Corgi Husky Mix is around $300 to $800. If you want to take them as a pet, it is better to consult the reputable breeder and ensure you are getting a healthy dog.

Is Corgi Husky mix hypoallergenic?

The coat of the Corgi Husky mix is double, which is very thick. It can be dense and straight if the offspring is more like a Husky. But it will be long and thick if the offspring is more like Corgi. The dog sheds a fair bit and, therefore, does not have allergies. 

 How big does a Corgi Husky mix get?

The average height of the Corgi Husky ranges from 13-15 inches tall, and the weight is around 20 pounds to 50 pounds. 

How long does a Husky Corgi mix live?

A Husky Corgi mix lives for about 12-15 years, especially when they are in good health. This is a healthy breed for their size, and most are medium to large dogs that live closer to 10-12 years. 

How is Corgi Husky with kids?

Corgi Husky is a loving, loyal and energetic dog that may develop a deep and long-lasting bond with children. They also love to play with them.