5 Best Travel Crates for Large Dogs (Buying Guide)

Transporting a large dog isn’t an easy task. You have to ensure that the pooch is safe, especially on long drives. Instead of letting your Fido wreak havoc at the back seat, you can get the best travel crate for large dogs. These are made especially for large breeds so they will remain safe while traveling while ensuring that the pooch has enough space to move around.

Below are my top 5 picks that you can consider for your pooch:

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SportPet Designs Rolling
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Petmate Ultra
Vari Crate
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Pet Dreams 3-Piece
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Prevue Pet Wire
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SportPet Large
Pop Crate
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Is crating cruel for your dog?

Some people who are not pet owners think that crating a dog is a cruel move. At first glance, it may seem as such. Besides, the doggo is confined in a small container, which is enough to tick off any claustrophobic human. But for canines, crating is actually a good and even soothing experience.

Dog crates mimic the habitats of dogs in the wild. Wild dogs will usually seek tight spaces in between rocks or inside caves to evade predators. This allows wild dogs to sleep peacefully without being too nervous about its environment.

For domesticated dogs, crating has the same effect. The compact space gives them a calming effect, as long as the crate is sized properly. In fact, vets recommend crate training to all dogs as a way to combat separation anxiety.

Aside from that, crate training helps jumpy puppies calm down. Whatever your dog’s breed is, a crate will be an indispensable tool.

Above all, a dog crate comes in handy for housetraining. It teaches your dog to hold its bladder so it wouldn’t have accidents. This banks on the fact that dogs don’t soil the area where they sleep.

From others’ beliefs, crating a dog isn’t cruel. It’s actually beneficial for both the owner and the dog, especially when traveling.

If you’re looking for the best crate for your large dog, the following are my top recommendations:

Best Travel Crate For Large Dogs – Top 5 Picks


OUR TOP PICK: SportPet Designs Rolling Plastic Dog Crate
best travel crate for large dogs

Product Name: SportPet Designs Rolling Plastic Dog Crate

Product Description: The SportPet Designs Rolling Plastic Dog Crate is convenient for large doggos. It can house dogs of up to 140 lbs. Overall, it has a usable dimension of 36” long, 23.75” wide, and 27.5” tall. It also has a wide entrance of 13.75” x 22.75” so your pooch will not have any problem going in and out of the crate. This is made of tough materials that can put up with regular use. It also has four durable caster wheels that save your back from heavy lifting. Moreover, this dog crate is IATA airline approved, complete with tie-down holes for bungees that airlines require. While it’s not suitable for in-cabin use, it’s safe for the cargo area. This package also includes four live animal stickers and metal bolts to ensure that your doggo is safe during your flight.

Offer price: $$$

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  • Quality
  • Material
  • Portability
  • Value for Money


This is a well-ventilated crate with side windows, so your dog will not feel trapped. You can also add a bed inside to ensure that your pooch is cozy and dozing off during the travel.

I’ve used this in moving our dog cross-country, and it performed really well. This crate made it easier for me to transport my Labrador to the airport. The caster wheels are also removable, so the crate can be fastened in the cargo area easily. Overall, this crate nails all airline rules, which will save the day if you have a large dog.


Meets airline regulations

Removable caster wheels

Wide entrance


There’s no bag for the wheels in case you need to remove it


Petmate Ultra Vari Crate

best travel crate for large dogs

Another dog crate I swear by is the Petmate Ultra Vari. This is made for air travel, so you will have peace of mind that your doggo is safe. It’s suitable for dogs around 70 to 90 lbs. This crate is 40” long and airline-adaptable, given that you check specific airline regulations.

Moreover, this is made of durable and recycled plastic with an easy-open front latch. You can easily access your dog but without compromising its safety. This crate also has a wide entrance and openings on each side to keep your doggo well-ventilated.

Aside from that, this has tie-down holes so you can secure the kennel during your travel. You can also fit a bed inside to keep the crate comfortable for your large pooch. It satisfies the natural denning instincts of dogs, which is the main goal of crate training.

The only thing that I noticed is that this crate is hard to carry. It’s big, and there are no prominent handles to hold it in. I suggest bringing this to your car first then loading your dog there. It will save you from the back-breaking task of waddling with a 70-lb. doggo plus the 19 lb. weight of this crate.

  • Made of recycled yet durable plastic
  • Complete with tie-down holes
  • Easy-open front latch
  • Heavy and hard to carry around

Pet Dreams 3-Piece Dog Crate

best travel crate for large dogs

For those looking for a more convenient option, I highly suggest the Pet Dreams 3-Piece Dog Crate. This has a wire crate frame with a foam bumper, crate pad, and crate cover. It’s a topnotch choice for nervous dogs that are sensitive to travel.

All the open sides and seams of this crate have snaps to ensure that the panels remain closed. All the fabric materials are also breathable to ensure that your dog is comfortable inside. Aside from that, it keeps your dog away from the hard metal bars on the floor of the crate.

Moreover, this has a wide, swinging door that makes it easy to load your dog inside. There’s also a side door for another access option.

Overall, this dog crate is very easy to maintain. All the fabric materials are machine-washable. All the fabric parts are covered by a lifetime guarantee that it will not bunch up, regardless of how many times you wash it.

This specific crate is 42 wide, but you can also get it in 48” versions if you have a larger canine. Despite its wire construction, this is a durable crate for land travels. My dog loves it and somehow considers it his new den now, even if we’re just at home. He actually crawled on his own without too much coaxing, which is a big plus.

  • Complete with a crate pad and cover
  • Safe for dogs’ paws
  • Lifetime guarantee for the fabric parts
  • Not for airline use

Prevue Pet Wire Dog Crate

best travel crate for large dogs

If you need a wire crate without the padding, you should consider the Prevue Pet Wire Dog Crate. It’s made of heavy-duty mesh wire for your dog’s security. It also features a large door so you can conveniently load your doggo inside.

Aside from that, this crate has a pan that will catch any pee or poo, in case your dog has accidents while traveling. It won’t leak or stain, so this crate is very easy to maintain even under regular use. You can easily remove this pan for cleaning by sliding it out of the crate.

This crate also has three security locks, so there’s no way your dog can escape. Its unobstructed view lets your dog watch the surroundings while enjoying full ventilation during a hot day.

Overall, this crate is very easy to assemble, and there are no special tools required. This is 49.5” long, 29” wide, and 32.25” high, which is perfect for large breeds like Labradors, Golden Retrievers, Huskies, and the likes.

This crate doesn’t have any divider it can’t be used for multiple pets. Besides, if you have a large dog breed, your pup will grow into this really fast.

The only thing I noticed is that the latches aren’t as strong as other wire crates I’ve tried before. But with proper care, this shouldn’t become a big issue.

  • Excellent ventilation
  • Three latch locks
  • Paired with a pan at the floor
  • A smart dog can open the door latches

SportPet Large Pop Crate

My last recommendation for this roundup is the SportPet Large Pop Crate. This crate stores flat, which allows you to carry it on the car all the time. It’s also very easy to use since it requires no assembly or special tools.

It has mesh and polyester materials that keep your dog cozy inside. It also has excellent ventilation while allowing your dog to look around and see you.

Moreover, this SportPet crate has a locking metal gate to secure your doggo inside. While it’s not an airline-approved crate, it still comes in handy during car travels or outings with your family and pet.

Just a reminder, though, this isn’t the best crate for aggressive chewers! The fabric sides can be ripped easily by biting and chewing.

If you’re on a budget, this dog crate is an excellent option. It’s also lightweight and very portable for traveling with your dog. You can also use it as a temporary crate for your dog in case you can’t bring a hard crate someplace.

For this price range, I can say that this dog crate is well worth the price. It’s durable and will last for a long period if you maintain it well.

  • Folds flat and very portable
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Affordable crate
  • Not for chewers and rowdy dogs

How to choose the best travel crate for large dogs

When shopping for the best travel crate for large dogs, you should consider the following points to get the best deal:


The first thing you should consider when buying a dog crate is the size. Contrary to what others believe, it’s not about getting the largest one you can afford. You should always size it up to your dog.

The purpose of crate training is to keep your dog calm and safe. This will not happen if your pooch has too much space inside the crate. This will defeat the ‘denning instinct ‘ that dog crates try to mimic.

As much as possible, measure your dog’s body standing up, including its height, length, and weight. Compare this to your crate options. The one you’ll buy should have a few extra inches as compared to your dog’s measurements. This will let your pooch move, stretch, and stand inside without feeling trapped.

✔️Plastic vs. wire crates

Another important consideration is the material of the crate. For the most part, you’d have to choose between a plastic or wire crate.

Plastic crates are popular options for travel. It’s enclosed and often airline-approved for either in-cabin or cargo check-in. Plastic crates are also versatile since you can use it at home or when bringing an anxious dog to the vet.

Meanwhile, wire crates are more affordable and portable. It folds flat and easy to store, especially for dog owners living in apartments. It also has excellent ventilation, but it’s not airline-approved. But if you’re just traveling by land, this shouldn’t become a major problem.


Dog crates should remain durable against various elements as well as wear and tear. I always recommend investing in a well-made crate, even if it means shelling out a few more bucks. In the end, you will save more money on a durable crate than the cheapest one that will require a replacement in no time.


Ventilation is a must when buying a dog crate. This will keep your dog safe and comfortable inside, especially during a hot day. When it comes to ventilation, wire crates are unbeatable. Nevertheless, plastic crates also have big doors and windows that will let air in.


Travel crates should be easy to carry around. This way, you wouldn’t have to exert too much just to transport your pet. It’s a convenience that you will also enjoy at home whenever you have to move the crate around.


Your dog’s safety should be your leading priority, whatever dog supplies you’re going to purchase. The crate frame should be durable, and there shouldn’t be any sharp edges that may injure the pooch. Also, look for crate pads or beds that will keep your dog away from the stiff surface of metal or plastic.

Aside from that, the door latches shouldn’t be easy to pick. If you have a smart dog, you can use a small lock to ensure that the doggo can’t escape.


Lastly, I recommend that you invest in a durable crate. For me, price is always the last consideration when purchasing dog crates since quality is always a deal-breaker. While cheap is convenient, it will be problematic later on as premature damages occur.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can a dog crate be too big?

A: Yes, dog crates that are too big for your pooch will just defeat the purpose of using one.  The rule of thumb is that the crate should be big enough for your dog to stand, stretch, and lie down without being restricted. However, it should be too spacious that your dog has enough spot to eliminate. If you’re confused, look for a dog crate almost the size of your dog’s bed.

Q: Can I use a pet carrier as a crate?

A: Pet carriers are often used for airline travel, but it can also double as a crate at home. However, you should know that carriers are more enclosed than crates. The key here is checking if it works for your dog. If not, you’d have to purchase a separate wire crate.

Q: Should I cover my dog’s crate with a blanket?

A: If you’re just starting to crate train your dog, it’s not advisable to drape a blanket on it. Blocking the dog’s view will make it anxious. Just let it get accustomed to the crate, and once it’s relaxed, you can cover the crate to mimic the denning effect. But if your pooch cries or barks, remove the blanket right away.

Q: Do dogs prefer wire or plastic crates?

A: It depends on your dog’s personality. Some dogs prefer wire crates because it has better visibility and ventilation. On the other hand, plastic crates are more enclosed and will mimic the denning instincts of canines. However, it may take serious training to get your pooch used to it.

Q: Should you close a puppy crate at night?

A: If your puppy is new to the crate, it’s not advisable to close the door. Let the pup get used to the crate before closing the door. This may take a few days or weeks, depending on each dog. When it comes to puppies, you should take crate training slowly but consistently.

Final words

The best travel crate for large dogs will keep your pooch secured and comfortable. It will let them join you on your adventures, be it overseas or domestic. Just make sure that you get one with the right size, durable material, and reasonable price.

What do you think of the five dog crates I reviewed above? Let us know below in the comment section!