Doggie Pants for Females in Heat – Buying Guide

If your pup is an unmodified female, you will have to cope with her first heat cycle at some point. 

Even though the process will not unfold exactly as it happens in humans. It will be the same as she gets her period. Yes, your little girl has grown up and become an adult! 

There is no doubt that this will do some damage to your house, but fortunately. There are solutions on the market that may assist protect your home. While also preventing your dog from leaving a dark crimson trail everywhere she goes. 

These items are often refer to as diapers, but we will refer to them as period underwear since they are pretty similar to the human form of these things. 

In the section below, we’ll suggest three of the most effective choices available. Then we’ll go over a few additional considerations that you may find helpful while dealing with your dog’s first period. We’ll even walk you through a simple do-it-yourself option in case your dog’s period begins before you get your period Doggie Pants for Females in Heat in the mail.

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Guide to Purchasing Dog Period Underwear 

Making the finest choice for your dog’s period underwear should be a simple process. After all, there are a plethora of options available on the market. Some things to look for are the following: 

Doggie Pants for Females in Heat


If you want to use the period underwear for an extended length of time, you may want to consider purchasing reusable and machine washable alternatives. People searching for something to utilize temporarily may consider purchasing disposable period underwear, often less expensive. 


Doggie Pants for Females in Heat are possible in a variety of styles, as we discussed in our last article. The majority of underwear is divide into categories depending on your requirements. Thus, you will possibly find both disposable and reusable alternatives. Colors and patterns are also quite different from one another. 


The material used to make period underwear affects how long they will endure. 

Typically, we will use the fabric in the construction of reusable ones. It makes it simpler to wash the garment more than once without the danger of damage. While disposable period underwear is very absorbent, they are not environmentally friendly. To retain as much liquid as possible, they are intend to dispose of later on in the day. 


Regardless of the reason, the period underwear must have the proper fit for them to function well. Don’t simply purchase anything because it’s on sale. Consider taking the time to measure your dog’s waist and leg measurements before buying a period panty that will fit properly. Like other dog accessories such as a no-pull dog harness or a dog bicycle leash, this is a good option for active dogs. 

Some versions may also have flexible waistbands, which allow them to customize to suit any dog.

Dogs’ Period Pants: Which Are the Best? 

There are several substandard Doggie Pants for Females in Heat available on the market that are essentially a waste of cash. When searching for the proper period underwear for your puppy, you will want to be sure that they are well-fitting and that they have a good track record of staying dry. 

We’ve compiled a list of some of the most acceptable Doggie Pants for Females in Heat available on the market today that meet these requirements. With our assistance, the only thing you’ll have to worry about is choosing the appropriate size and finding a pattern or color that complements your daughter’s personality.

Doggie Pants for Females in Heat

Best Overall

Doggie Pants for Females in Heat - OUR TOP PICK!

Product Name: Wegreeco Washable Female Period Panties

Product Description: Weegreeco Reusable Dog Diapers are high-quality clothes that will assist in preserving your house and possessions when your dog is in heat. They are made of 100% cotton. The Weegreeco Reusable Dog Period Underwear comprises water-resistant fabric on the exterior and a wicking material on the inside, similar to that used in sports jerseys to keep your dog cool and dry. Its combination with the sewn-in super absorbent pad in the crotch region helps to keep your dog clean and dry while also preventing leaks from happening.

Offer price: $$$

Availability: InStock




The Weegreeco underwear is equipped with fastener strips to hold the diaper in position, as well as a tiny tail opening to ensure that your dog is as comfortable as possible. The Weegreeco dog period underwear is available in three different color options and four other print options: Light colors, Fantasy Print, Exciting Print, and Native colors. The Weegreeco dog period underwear is available in three different color options and four other print options.


  • Most owners said that Weegreeco
  • Reusable Dog Diapers performed as promised and were comfortable for their dogs.
  • They seem to be simple to put on and take off, and they appear to be durable enough to withstand machine cleaning.


  • A few owners expressed concern that the leg holes were a little too large, allowing liquids to seep out of the diaper.
  • Additionally, many owners discovered that although the diapers worked well for menstrual blood and pee, they did not perform well for feces, as claimed by the manufacturer.


Paw Legend Reusable Female Dog Diapers

Paw Legend Reusable Female Dog Diapers(3 Pack,Medium)

Reusable dog diapers are intend to avoid messes caused by pee, menstrual blood, and other liquids that your dog may excrete. 

Paw Legend Dog Diapers are made up of three layers:

  • A water-resistant exterior layer.
  • An inner layer that is odor-absorbing.
  • An absorbent inner layer that is absorbent.

Additionally, these Doggie Pants for Females in Heat feature a super-absorbent cushion for added comfort, stitched between the pantyhose layers. 

There are Fastener straps include to hold the underwear in place, and a tail hole is formed to verify that they are a suitable fit for the user. Flexible bands are stitch into the limb holes to keep the garment from leaking. 

The Paw Story canine tooth period underwear is offered in three packs and is available in three colors: Cheerful Colors, Black, and Adorable Colors. They are create of 100% cotton. 

  • The Paw Legend Reusable Female Dog Diapers received positive feedback from the majority of owners.
  • They seem to be comfortable for the majority of dogs, and they appear to keep liquids confined.
  • As with most other dog diapers, owners have expressed concern about the size and fit problems prevalent with this particular brand.
  • As a result, be sure to measure your dog before making your purchase correctly.
  • In addition, it is worth noting that these diapers don’t seem to function as well for dogs with very short tails, as previously stated.

Cos2be Washable Female Dogs Diapers

They are intend to help avoid the messes related to your dog’s temperature cycle. It will also work for incontinent dogs. 

The Cos2be Reusable Period Underwear includes a water-resistant outer layer. A soft and absorbent inner layer that is machine washable. In addition, a cushion is stitch inside the dog diaper to offer even more protection against leakage. A tail hole is include to guarantee a proper fit. Flexible bands are attached to the leg holes to prevent them from falling open. 

The 90-day money-back guarantee offered by the manufacturer applies to these pup period underwear as well. They are provided in three-piece sets and are available in three different sizes. A single diaper with a robust and bright design is include in each pack. Includes two solid color diapers and one with a bold, colorful pattern.

  • The Cos2be Reusable Female Dog Diapers have gotten overwhelmingly favorable feedback from the majority of dog owners who have tested them.
  • They seem to be a good fit for the majority of dogs and to prevent leakage.
  • The Cos2be Reusable Female Dog Diapers did not get many owner complaints, which is positive.
  • Some have reported size issues, but they seem to be performing precisely as you would expect them to.

Do you know how to tell if your dog is about to get a period? 

For young dogs that have not yet developed a regular pattern of behavior. It may be difficult to tell when their period is about to begin. 

However, there are a few signs you can look out for that may give you a heads-up that your dog’s period is approaching. 

Doggie Pants for Females in Heat

Take a look for the following caution signs: 

As she begins her heat cycle, your dog’s vulva may start to swell and become painful to the touch. It often happens when women start menstruation. It may also occur before she starts bleeding, so it is essential to keep a watch on her reproductive organs at all times. 

Some dogs become excessively attached before their heat cycle starts, which may be frustrating for their owners. It is something my dog does. Anytime you see her lying on top of me, rather than alongside me, for a few days, or following me about with more purpose than usual, I know she is ready to enter her heat cycle. 

Some dogs can experience changes in appetite before the onset of their period. It may occur for several reasons, and it’s a good idea to keep an eye on your dog’s needs. In the weeks coming up to her heat cycle to rule out any problems. 

As the start of their heat cycle approaches, many dogs pant and lick their lips often. They may occur for various causes (they are often shown as calming signs). If they do not seem to link with sickness or injury, they might suggest that menstruation is coming. 

Some dogs begin to show broad behavioral changes in the days or weeks preceding their heat cycle. While others do not. It is an ambiguous symptom to look for, but some dogs may exhibit unusual behavior just before their period begins. Some of them may become a little more territorial or aggressive in their resource guarding. While others may become less docile than they are use to. 

The last point to note is that the color and consistency of the discharge generated by a dog during its heat cycle varies with time. Some dogs’ release may be surprisingly straightforward at first before turning to the usual red and opaque discharge that most people are use to seeing in their pets. 

Consequently, if you detect any discharge. It should serve as a warning to keep an eye on the issue and make sure you have period underwear ready at all times. 

How to Make an Urgent Period Panty at Home 

For your dog’s first heat cycle, you’ll undoubtedly want to invest in a pair of period underwear. There is just no other simple and efficient method to keep the mess contained while your dog is in heat. On the other hand, owners may be taken off guard by their dog’s first heat. Putting them in a difficult situation. 

Fortunately, several do-it-yourself dog diaper options may provide some temporary relief while you await the arrival of your dog’s period underwear. It isn’t a perfect cure, but it may be very beneficial for a day or two in some situations. 

Here’s a fast and straightforward solution that you can put together right away: 
Doggie Pants for Females in Heat
  • First, collect the required supplies, including one pair of men’s underwear (often known as “tighty whities”) and a pad. You may also need a few zip ties that are 10 to 12 inches long. 
  • After that, attach the pad to the inside of the underwear using double-sided tape. To achieve the best fit, you’ll need to try a few different positions until you find the one that works for you. 
  • Make sure your dog steps into the underwear so that it is on backward before you go any further. You will be able to thread your dog’s tail through the fly in this manner. 
  • Wiggle the underwear about a little to make sure they fit correctly and that the pad is in the right location before wearing them. 

Finally, if required, use the zip ties to secure the underwear in place and keep it tight. Depending on your dog’s size and breed, you may need to experiment with different placements for the zip ties. One effective technique is to thread a zip tie through one of the legs, over the buttocks, and out the other leg. Then connect and tighten the zip tie to the other end (be sure to trim any excess). 

As previously said, this will not be 100 percent successful, and it will very indeed become a hassle to put this on and take it off many times each day. However, it will assist you in keeping most of the mess contained and allow you to get by for a day until you can get your hands on a genuine pair of Doggie Pants for Females in Heat. 

When you know your dog’s period is coming, you may want to consider purchasing some additional dog car seat coverings and sofa covers – this will allow you to prevent possible damage to your furniture and vehicle!

Do Dog Period Underwear Differ From One Another? 

It is possible to use three different kinds of dog period underwear in your home. 

Here’s a breakdown of each of them in more detail: 


Dog period underwear that can be reused is often machine washable. Another dog or the same dog at a different time may use them after another dog has used them. You will retain a large amount of money by using reusable period underwear, the most crucial benefit. Once you’ve purchased one, you may be sure that you won’t need to buy another for a long time. 

It is the washing that presents the most challenging task. If you don’t always have the time to do the laundry, it may be more convenient to go for disposable alternatives. 


May only use disposable period underwear once are not recommended. Once something has been dirty, it must be removed and disposed of. A disposable period panty is an excellent choice for individuals who want to use it just for a short period. If you were to wear disposable period underwear regularly, you would wind up expense a tremendous amount of money on them. The benefit you get is you will not be required to clean up after yourself. 


In certain circumstances, you may decide that you do not need to purchase a period panty. There’s nothing wrong with a homemade period panty, to be honest. To complete the project, repurpose outdated clothes or textiles. To create a dog period panty, you don’t need a lot of special abilities. However, if you are uncertain of how to go about it, many easy-to-follow instructions are available online. 

How Do I Choose a Pair of Dog Period Pants That Fit? 

Any product intended for your dog’s use must be the proper size for the animal in question. Furthermore, overly large period underwear may leak and cause chaos throughout your whole house. On the other hand, little ones will retain the fluids but be too unpleasant for the dog to feel comfortable. 

In such an event, you must secure that the garment is fitted correctly. Generally speaking, there are two stages to be followed: 

  • Assess the weight of your dog. 
  • Measure your dog’s waist size. 

Most disposable period underwear is usually available in various sizes that consider the weight of the dog. In conclusion, you may get a period panty that is appropriate for your dog’s weight. Despite this, it is still important to measure the proper size before purchasing, particularly around the waistline. 

You may provide your dog with a cooling pad to lay on throughout its heat cycle to make them relaxed during the procedure. 

Is It Possible to Prevent Rashes and Discomfort? 

The most frequent issues linked with period underwear are rashes and discomfort in dogs. The rash develops due to prolonged contact between the dog’s skin and urine that has been caught in the period panty. 

The following are some things to do to avoid this from happening: 

Use period pants with an absorbent lining that is soft and gentle on the skin to ensure that you have a comfortable experience. 

Should change period underwear regularly to avoid prolonged urine contact with the skin. 

Consult your veterinarian about a topical treatment that may apply to your dog’s skin to decrease the likelihood of rashes.  Make sure that the period pants are the correct size. 

Cleaning the dog’s skin with baby wipes before and after using the diapers is always a good idea. 

If the rash does not go after one week, it may be good to consult with your veterinarian to ensure it is not more severe. Even though doggie period underwear effectively keeps your pup clean during her periods, there are usually a few adverse side effects. 

It’s also a great idea to give your dog either a chewy dog bone or an interactive puzzle to play with. When your dog is wearing a period panty, you may be used as excellent diversions to keep entertained. 

Doggie Pants for Females in Heat FAQ

Q: The frequency with which female dogs go through their periods is unknown. 

Most dogs have a six-month-long heat cycle, which means they typically have a period twice a year, which will continue for a few weeks on each occasion. While the time of a dog’s temperature cycle may vary significantly, it is similar to the timing of a person’s period. 

Some dogs may have a heat cycle that lasts just four months or less, while others may only have one phase each year. Gigantic breeds often go longer between each heat cycle, while small and medium breeds are more frequent in their heat cycle. 

Even while a dog’s first few heat cycles may be unpredictable, they generally become more regular as the canine tooth matures and matures into adulthood. Even the most consistent dog on the planet, though, may have an unusually timed heat cycle; this is not the sort of event that can predict by the time on your wristwatch. 

Q: Dogs go through their first heat cycle around the time of their first heat cycle. 

In general, dogs achieve sexual maturity between the ages of 6 and 24 months, depending on the breed, the health of the dog, and the dog’s unique biological characteristics. Generally speaking, tiny and toy breeds go into their first heat cycle sooner than gigantic breeds, although there are exceptions to this rule. 

In other words, if you are looking at your young puppy who has not been changed, you will want to start preparing for how you will cope with her first period around the time she reaches five months old. Her first period may be many weeks after this, but you don’t want to be caught with your pants down when she does start bleeding. 

The Last Word - Doggie Pants for Females in Heat

Finding the most delicate dog-period underwear should be straightforward since there are many choices available on the market. However, even in this case, a few pairs of period pants are superior to the others. 

Even though all of the choices on our list above should be suitable for every dog owner, we think the Wegreeco Reusable Female Dog Diapers are the most suitable for most people. It is very absorbent and water-resistant, which ensures that there will be no leaks.

We also like that it is very comfy for the dog to wear. Wegreeco dog diapers are machine washable, allowing you to keep them in use for an extended period.