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5 Tracking Collars for Beagles You Should Consider

Beagles are topnotch hunting dogs, thanks to their strong sense of smell. This pooch also has excellent stamina for running, so they can easily cover more ground. To ensure that you can keep track of your doggo’s whereabouts, you should invest in tracking collars for Beagles. Unlike typical GPS collars, those made for tracking have longer range and a slew of other features. The following are my top picks from 20+ units I’ve tried:

 Our Top Pick! 
Garmin Alpha 100
TT 15 Dog Device
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Dogtra Pathfinder
Tracking E-Collar
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Garmin Astro T5 Dog
Tracking Collar
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Dogtra 1900S Remote
Tracking Collar
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Pet Resolve Dog
Tracking Collar
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How does a tracking collar work?

Tracking collars are composed of a receiver, which is in the collar that your dog will wear, and remote control. It uses a signal that connects you to where your dog is.

However, tracking collars come in two types: radio telemetry and GPS. With radio telemetry technology, the remote control receives a directional radio signal from the collar. This will let you identify your dog’s location but with limited information about its exact spot.

On the other hand, GPS tracking collars also use a radio signal. It has a handheld GPS unit in place of a remote. Still, it offers more information, and you can track the exact location of your dog, including its coordinates, distance, and if the dog is moving or not.

Depending on the situation, both of these types are usual. Hunters that send their dogs in the open will usually opt for a GPS tracking collar. It allows them to monitor their Beagles better. This saves hunters and dog owners the time of looking around and calling their dog to come.

Take note that tracking collars are battery-powered, so it has to be recharged properly before each use. This way, the collar will not lose power and contact with your handheld unit.

If you’re looking for the best tracking collars for Beagles, the following are my best picks:

5 Tracking Collars for Beagles


OUR TOP PICK: Garmin Alpha 100 TT 15 Dog Device
tracking collars for Beagles

Product Name: Garmin Alpha 100 TT 15 Dog Device

Product Description: Of all the tracking collars for Beagles that I’ve tried, the Garmin Alpha 100 TT 15 is probably the best option. This is a bundle of the TT15 dog device, as well as a handheld unit. Take note that this is a multi-dog GPS tracker, so you can connect more than one TT15 if you have multiple Beagles. Aside from that, this uses a high-sensitivity GPS technology with GLONASS. GLONASS is a global navigation satellite system that provides real-time positioning to whatever you’re tracking. It’s widely used by the military and hunters who are serious about getting a catch. Moreover, the handheld unit is preloaded with TOPO U.S. 100k maps. It’s complete with searchable points and terrain contours for a more detailed location-pinning.

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  • Range
  • Accuracy
  • Mapping
  • Reliability
  • Value for Money


This unit also has a Rescue mode and stimulation functions, including vibrations and tones. You can easily communicate with your dog and identify where the Beagle is located.

The best part about this tracking collar is its 20 to 40-hour runtime. It also has a transflective display with a 65-K color and touchscreen function.

Aside from tracking your Beagle, you can also set virtual boundaries on your map. If your dog goes past the boundaries, its collar will receive a signal to call it back.

Aside from the handheld unit and GPS collar device, you will also receive a 1-inch collar strap and a 13-range antenna. Although it comes at a higher price, the performance is hard to beat.


Preloaded with TOPO U.S. 100k maps

GPS technology with GLONASS

20 to 40-hour runtime


The user interface can make use of improvements


Dogtra Pathfinder Tracking E-Collar

tracking collars for Beagles

If you don’t have a budget for the Garmin tracking collar, you can opt for the Dogra Pathfinder Tracking E-Collar. This has a 9-mile range, so you can send your Beagle to retrieve your catch or simply roam around your large land.

In addition, the Dogtra Pathfinder can be used with the current Google Maps in all modes. It also has a two-second GPS update rate to ensure that you’re locating your Beagle properly. You can also use a variety of map options, including the Offline Map mode, that you can download for free.

Moreover, you have the option to use the Geo-Fence feature, where you can set virtual boundaries. You can also zoom in for a detailed and live-action view of the field. This collar also uses audible and vibrating stimulation in case your dog breaches the boundaries.

The best part about the Dogra Pathfinder is it can be expanded up to 21 dogs. If you have a large family of dogs, this is a topnotch tracker for its price. You only have to purchase the extra collars and use one handheld unit. 

Aside from the collar, you can also connect the handheld unit to your smartphone. You have to download the PATHFINDER app to enjoy a slew of other functions. This will also let you monitor each dog in case you’re using it on multiple canines.

Overall, this tracking collar is suitable for adult Beagles. It’s a trusty tracking collar that you can get at a reasonable price.

  • 9-mile range
  • Expandable to 21 dogs
  • Can be connected to the PATHFINDER app
  • The cellphone app can be improved

Garmin Astro T5 Dog Tracking Collar

tracking collars for Beagles

If you’re looking for a cheaper tracking collar, I recommend the Garmin T5 Dog Tracking Collar. This has the T 5 mini dog collar with a 9-mile range. It’s also bundled with a handheld unit with almost the same functionality as the one in Garmin TT 15.

The handheld unit of this tracking collar is programmed with GPS technology with GLONASS. It has topnotch GPS sensitivity and reception for real-time tracking. This collar is also an excellent choice for challenging environments with topographical contours.

This is also preloaded with the TOPO U.S. 100k mapping as well as a free 1-year birdseye satellite imagery subscription. You can renew this as you wish after a year.

Aside from that, it has hunt metrics that show the distance your dog traveled and the time afield. It’s an effective training tool as well since it has bark status alerts.

True to Garmin’s technology, this tracking collar has a 2.5-second update so you can check where your Beagle is. You can do this regardless if you have 1 or 20 dogs on your watch. This unit is expandable to 20 dogs and you only have to purchase extra collars.

As for the power source, you have the option to use AA batteries or the rechargeable NiMH battery pack.

For its features, this Garmin tracking collar is already a steal. Even without the birdseye satellite subscription, this collar remains functional.

  • Free 1-year birdseye satellite imagery subscription
  • GPS technology with GLONASS
  • TOPO U.S. 100k mapping
  • Steep learning curve

Dogtra 1900S Remote Tracking Collar

Another Dogtra tracking collar I recommend is the 1900S. This bundle has the PetsTEK clicker, training collar, and a handheld unit. You can use this to track your Beagle and train it at the same time.

Moreover, this collar is slimmer than most, which makes it comfortable for smaller Beagles. You can also adjust it from 8 to 26 inches to suit your dog. It’s also waterproof, so there’s nothing to worry about if your Beagle got caught under a downpour.

As for the distance, this affordable tracking collar can cover up to ¾ mile. While it’s not the longest range, this collar can still be used for short-distance hunting.

Despite its short range, the Dogtra 1900S has 127 training levels, including a momentary nick, vibration only mode, audible warnings, and more. It also uses industry-leading technology with a filtering system that minimizes the interference of other devices.

The handheld unit of this bundle has an LCD screen with a rheostat dial. As compared to previous units, this has enhanced contact points and high output. You will also utilize the constant button, HPP vibration, and a checkered grip.

The Dogtra 1900S has 2-hour rapid charge batteries so that you can use it right away. However, you shouldn’t put the collar on your Beagle longer than two hours a day. This is to prevent potential collar irritation. Also, don’t use this collar on Beagles younger than four months old.

  • 127 training levels
  • Completely waterproof
  • Filtering system that reduces interference
  • I wish the battery will last longer in between charges

Pet Resolve Dog Tracking Collar

My last recommendation for this roundup is the Pet Resolve Dog Tracking Collar. It’s an affordable option for those who are new to tracking collars and not yet willing to spend a large sum.

You will get a handheld remote unit, collar, dog training e-book, USB charger, and a receiver for this bundle. You will also get a USB lead, lanyard, test light, and spanner & prongs.

Moreover, you can expand this system to three collars. It has a ¾-mile range, which is more than enough if you want your Beagle to run around. It’s also useful for hunting.

Aside from that, this tracking collar doubles as a virtual fence. It has a variable shock and vibration system that you can set for up to level 10. It can either be continuous or nick (momentary), depending on what you need. You can also utilize the audible beep as a warning.

In addition, the collar and remote are waterproof. This is suitable for Beagles that love splashing on puddles and getting soaked. Your Beagle can swim safely even with this collar on.

The Pet Resolve tracking and training collar has fast-charging batteries that are ready to use in just two hours. A two-year, no-questions-asked refund warranty also covers this set. You will also receive a free clicker to complement your training efforts.

Based on my experience, this tracking collar can give the Dogtra 1900S a run for its money.

  • A two-year, no-questions-asked refund warranty
  • Expandable to three collars
  • 10-level shock and vibration system
  • There’s a delay in the way the collar reacts when a button is pushed

How to choose a tracking collar

When shopping for tracking collars for Beagles, you have to be meticulous not just on the physical aspect. You should also consider what’s inside the unit. To help you out, you should check for the following features:


The range of the tracking collar dictates how versatile it would be. For Beagles trained to track deer, a longer range is needed. Meanwhile, those that are just let out to play or herd animals can do well on a shorter range.

For the most part, tracking collars can have a range of ¾ mile to 9 miles. Take note that the longer the range is, the more expensive the collar gets.


Next, check the technology of the collar. The most powerful in the market is GPS technology paired with GLONASS. This is found on many Garmin tracking collars like the ones I reviewed above. GLONASS is a navigation satellite system used globally. There’s an actual satellite in the earth’s orbit, which provides real-time feed so you can track your dog’s actual and precise spot.

For short-range tracking, GPS technology should be more than enough. Just make sure that it has quick updates for accurate readings.

Aside from that, I really like tracking collars that tell you whether your dog is stationary or on the move. Most of these collars come with a barking alert.


One of the major components of a canine tracking system is the collar. This is the part your dog will wear, so it has to be comfortable.

Aside from that, some tracking collars have an attached antenna to cover more distance. Just make sure that the collar itself is adjustable to various neck sizes. It should also be waterproof in case your Beagle decides to soak on a puddle or if it rains while you’re hunting, tracking, or training.

✔️Handheld unit/remote

The handheld remote is the one you’ll use to control the collar. It should be intuitive, waterproof, and durable. The handheld unit should connect to the collar on your dog’s neck seamlessly.

Aside from that, the remote control should have easy-to-press buttons and an ergonomic design. Most of these handheld remotes look like walkie-talkies with mount hardware.


When it comes to tracking collars, a mapping system is indispensable. Your choice of the collar should be paired with a handheld unit preloaded with TOPO U.S. map. This is a very detailed mapping system, with contours and terrains. It’s the best option for long-range tracking collars since it offers better detail about your Beagle’s whereabouts.

Meanwhile, tracking collars on the lower price range will use Google Maps. This is usually enough for short ranges.

✔️Correction functions

Most tracking collars double as a virtual fence. You can set up boundaries to prevent losing your Beagle, especially in an open area. When your dog tries to go past the barrier, it will receive a form of correction. The warning correction would be loud beeps, then an electrostatic shock if the pooch goes further.


Some tracking collars like the Garmin T5 have a birdseye satellite subscription. This adds versatility and functionality to the collar so that you will enjoy better tracking. Still, this is just an optional add-on that will not make the collar less functional. With or without the extra subscription, the tracking collar should remain useful.

✔️Battery and power

Tracking collars are battery-powered, but it differs on how long it can last per charge. Some can last for more than a day, while cheaper units have to be recharged after an hour or two. The key here is finding the right balance between runtime, your needs, and the price tag you can afford.

✔️Size and weight

Lastly, consider the size of the tracking collar as compared to your Beagle’s neck circumference. I suggest getting an adjustable tracking collar since Beagles vary in size and weight.

Speaking of weight, you should also consider how heavy the tracking collar is.  This is to ensure that your dog remains comfortable.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do shock collars work on Beagles?

A: Shock collars or e-collars work well on Beagles if it’s used properly. Take note that the shock or nick should never be used as a form of punishment. It should be a warning to teach your dog that there are boundaries it shouldn’t cross. You should train your Beagle to respond to the beep warning so it wouldn’t have to feel the shock if it goes further.

Q: Are Beagles good tracking dogs?

A: Beagles are excellent tracking dogs because of their strong sense of smell. In fact, Beagles have 200 million scent receptors that can pick up over 50 distinct odors. They can also differentiate smells and identify it in a different time. For a dog that belongs to the scenthound group, this isn’t surprising.

Q: Can Beagles track deer?

A: Due to their strong sense of smell, you can train a Beagle to track deer. However, you should always keep your Beagle in control because they may tend to chase after every deer they will lay their eyes on. Proper training will make a Beagle an excellent deer tracker. You should also use a tracking collar, so you’ll know where your pooch went.

Q: How can I stop my Beagle from running away?

A: Beagles are notorious for wandering around once they get hooked on a smell. To prevent the doggo from getting lost, you should get a tracking collar. Aside from the GPS technology, most tracking collars have a virtual fence function and correction, which can either be an audible beep or an electrostatic shock.

Q: Are Beagles easy to train?

A: Beagles can be challenging to train, especially adult ones. This is due to their strong sense of smell that can easily distract them. You need patience and consistency with this breed, especially when grooming the pooch for tracking. Positive reinforcement will go a long way for any dog, even hard-to-train Beagles.

Final words

Tracking collars for Beagles will let you keep tabs on your pooch even as it runs in an open space. Hunters, dog owners, and pet trainers use this device to teach their dogs to respect barriers. Just make sure that you get one with the right range and features for your needs.