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What to Do If My Dog Swallowed a Chicken Bone?

What to Do If My Dog Swallowed a Chicken Bone?

Bones and dogs always go together, isn’t it? Well, no, not always. Chicken bones are flaky and weak. And, it can make a dog choke when a dog is chewing on them. So, it is why chicken bones are dangerous and not good for your dog. Plus, the small pieces of bones can cause harm to your pup’s mouth, throat, and his digestive system’s lining. So, you may ask what to do if my dog swallowed a chicken bone? Well, if you see your pup munch a chicken bone, watch your dog carefully. And make sure choking doesn’t occur yet. Read on to know more about a dog choking on the bone!

Overview – Dog Swallow a Chicken Bone

So, if your dog has just swallowed a bone, then it can be a chance your pup cannot hurt. But still, make sure to keep an eye on your furry friend to avoid choking. Also, you can give your dog a small piece of bread. And it will work as easing in a dogs’ stomach. It is important to give a dog soft food to avoid damage to its throat. Plus, it is vital to consider monitoring a dog’s stool for blood. And, make sure to watch out if your pup has problems pooping.

So, when a dog is choking on the bone. The cues to look out for are abnormal behavior, vomiting, and throat swelling. And, if after 72 hours, you haven’t seen any chicken bone in a dogs’ stool. Then, we recommend you take your pup to the vet ASAP.


Help! My Dog Choking On the Bone

So, first of all, don’t panic. And do not force your dog to vomit. The chicken bone may cause even more harm when brought back up. Plus, the swallowing tube can be easily hurt and at risk of laceration than the intestinal tract. So, in that case, you would best give your dog soft food to make a comfy food pillow. So, if your dog has choked a bone, there can be two main troubles:

  • The bone may damage and irritate your dogs’ throat on its way down.
  • Or, it may get stuck inside a dog and cause a blockage in the intestine.

Well, both problems are not very favorable events. As they can threaten your dog’s life if not treated properly. You can take some safety measures to avoid choking your dog. Try not to give your furry friend T-bones or even leftover chicken bones. It will get stuck in your dog’s throat or stomach.

Tips and Tricks When Dog Choke a Chicken Bone

Don’t freak out if your canine is choking on the bone and has become drowsy and can’t able to breathe. Plus, you can do a variation of the Heimlich maneuver for your dog. And to perform this process, let’s take a look at the steps below.

So, first, we talk about large dogs.

  • Place your dog on his side and bend behind his back.
  • Now, put your closed fist under your dogs’ ribcage.
  • Then, push inward and upward sharply in the direction of your knees and your dog’s head.

And now, we will talk about small dogs.

  • Hold your pup’s back against your stomach like paws down, and head up.
  • Also, try to find a soft hollow under your dog’s ribcage.
  • Then, make sure your closed fist can fit into this hollow.
  • Now, pull up your dog towards your stomach 2 to 3 times using a pushing motion.

Important Note: Do this only in a serious emergency. Or else, the process of the Heimlich maneuver can hurt the dog’s chest. And then, you will need to take your pup to a vet.


Are Chicken Bones Bad For Dogs?

Well, yes, they are. Chicken bones are not different from other types of bones. And it has some health risks. These bones can damage your dog’s throat, intestine, and stomach. Plus, it can cause coughing and choking. And, if your dog swallows a chicken bone, it can also cause internal blockage and bleeding.

Treatment for Your Choking Dog

In a case, if you could not handle your dog by yourself, it is obvious that you would take your pup to a vet. So, the vet will perform an emergency tracheotomy. It is a quick process that helps a vet passes a breathing tube straight from the neck into the windpipe. It also removes the blockage and lets your dog breathe until the process is completely done.

Aftercare for Your Choking Dog

Damage to your dog’s throat because of choking on the bone can take some days to get better. Plus, it can make it painful or hard for your pup to eat the food. In that case, try to give your dog a soft diet making it warm water. Also, a vet may prescribe pain killer to help during the healing span.


It’s Better To Prevent Than Cure

Taking care of your dog is the most valuable thing you can do. To avoid dog choking on the bone, you can do these easy things:

  • Do not let the junk be easily reachable or open. And, your dog can’t dig into the dinner leftover.
  • Try not to forget the food on the dining table. And, your pup can’t be tempted to have it.
  • Always keep an eye on your furry friend. So you can avoid such incidents.

As such, if it already happened, help your dog and try to learn from this mishap.

Final Words

So, we hope that now you have a clear understanding of what to do if your dog swallows a chicken bone. Well, the main thing to make sure of is to stay calm, don’t panic, and don’t stress out your dog. Follow some tips as mentioned above. Or call your vet straight away and do exactly how he instructs. And, if you stick to your vet’s advice, you may end up without much harm to your dog.