Yorkie Pomeranian

Yorkie Pomeranian Mix

If you’re thinking about adopting a Yorkie Pom, there are some essential facts to consider. After doing this, you can make an informed decision as to whether this hybrid dog breed is suitable for your family.

These energetic dogs are eager to please and make great additions to any family. Plus, they possess an intense loyalty that makes them incredibly protective of their owners.

What Is a Yorkie Pomeranian Mix?

A Yorkie Pomeranian mix is an innovative hybrid dog breed that brings together the friendly and energetic traits of a Yorkie with the affectionate personality of a Pomeranian. These dogs make ideal companions for people who seek an energetic companion in a small package.

They are highly intelligent dogs who enjoy learning new tricks. Additionally, they are very sociable and enjoy playing with other pets; however, they may get nervous around strangers, so it is best to introduce them gradually to existing household members.

These puppies are especially vulnerable to dental issues, eye issues, and other health concerns. To keep them in optimal condition, it’s important for them to receive vaccinations against these conditions and maintain regular vet visits.

About and History of Yorkie Pomeranian Mix

The adorable Yorkie Pomeranian mix is one of the fastest-rising stars in canine society. They were created by crossing two beloved purebred dogs – Yorkies and Pomeranians – which have long been beloved companions.

These small dogs are a favorite choice among many pet owners due to their friendly and energetic personalities. They make excellent companions for families with young children and enjoy playing games, going for walks, and socializing with people.

They possess remarkable intelligence and can learn quickly. Training them can be both rewarding and challenging; with consistent reinforcement, you can teach your dog to sit, stay, or even heel!

Their intelligence and alertness make them ideal watchdogs. If something unusual is occurring in the house or they detect someone trying to break in, they will alert you immediately. Furthermore, these loyal companions will show loyalty towards both you and your family.

Yorkie Pomeranian puppies can live up to 16 years if properly cared for and fed nutritious food. As they are susceptible to hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) and cataracts, it is important to maintain their weight in order to ensure a long and healthy life.

They should be regularly bathed and groomed to keep their coat looking healthy and glossy. Furthermore, at least once a week, they should be brushed as long hair can get tangled or matted if not checked regularly.

The Yorkie is a small dog with an energetic, active, and playful personality. They also exhibit great affection towards their owners, enjoying cuddling sessions.

These dogs tend to be friendly with children, but it’s best to socialize with them from an early age in order to prevent aggression or other issues. Furthermore, having them spayed/neutered helps reduce unwanted litter.

Finally, if you want to ensure your Yorkie Pomeranian has the best life possible, make sure you select an experienced and trustworthy breeder who knows what they’re doing!


The appearance of Yorkie Pomeranian Mix

The appearance of a Yorkie Pom can vary depending on its parent breed. If you’re searching for an adorable yet intelligent pup, a Yorkie Pom Mix might just be perfect!

Physically, these diminutive canines stand 7 to 12 inches at the shoulder and weigh 3 to 7 pounds. Generally classified as toy dogs, but some may be as small as teacup-sized, they make for a cute addition to any home.

They boast long, silky coats in an array of colors. Black, tan, blue, gold, or any solid shade that isn’t spotted will do just fine.

They come in various color combinations of black, white, brown, golden/light brown, and cream. They require regular brushing to keep their fur soft and free from tangles. Additionally, they should receive quarterly visits to the groomer for trims in order to prevent matting.

Character & Temperament of Yorkie Pomeranian Mix

The temperament and character of a Yorkie Pomeranian mix depend on their parents. These adorable pups tend to be social and energetic, making them great family pets.

They tend to be high-energy, so make sure they get plenty of exercise and playtime each day. Furthermore, these affectionate creatures show their affection through affectionate attention or cuddling.

These dogs tend to get along well with children and other animals, but they may not be fond of strangers. If they feel threatened, they may attempt to intimidate or bite.

Grooming & Health Care of Yorkie Pomeranian Mix

Due to their long coats, Yorkies tend to shed an average amount of fur. Therefore, brushing them daily is necessary in order to prevent matting, and regular grooming sessions should take place during shedding season.

Their coats come in an array of colors, such as black, white, brown, tan, and cream. Furthermore, they possess different textures, such as straight, wavy, or fuzzy coats.

Training & Socialization of Yorkie Pomeranian Mix

Once you decide to adopt a Yorkie Pom, it is essential that they receive early obedience training and socialization throughout their lives. Even if they seem stubborn or independent at times, these pups need lots of love and attention from you!

These dogs are easy to train, so even kids can learn commands like “come” and “sit.” Loyal, loving, and affectionate – making them ideal family pets. Additionally, these intelligent pups eagerly seek opportunities to please their owners; obedience training serves as an effective way to stimulate their minds.

Known Health Problems of Yorkie Pomeranian Mix


Before adopting a Yorkie Pomeranian mix, it is essential to be aware of any health issues they may inherit from their parent breeds. Although these mixed-breed dogs tend to be healthy individuals, there may be instances where issues arise that were never present in either breed alone.

One of the most prevalent health issues among Yorkie Poms is patellar luxation, or when their kneecap slips out of place. Another common health issue among this breed is cataracts, which can impair vision and eventually cause blindness. Left untreated, these cataracts could progress to full blindness.

Obesity is a serious health risk for Yorkie Poms due to their small size. Owners can help prevent this by monitoring portion sizes and brushing their pet’s teeth regularly.

Gum disease is a frequent issue for this breed, as their mouths tend to be small, and they often have crowded teeth that can lead to tartar buildup. 

Regularly checking your dog’s temperature can help you detect any symptoms of illness before they get worse. A sudden rise in body temperature could indicate an infection or heart disease; if you observe any changes in behavior or physical appearance, take them immediately to the veterinarian.

Feeding and Diet of Yorkie Pomeranian Mix

The ideal food for this hybrid dog is a small breed formula made with quality ingredients tailored to their size, activity level, and age group (puppy, adult, or senior). Make sure the formula meets all these criteria when feeding them.

Selecting the ideal kibble is essential for optimal bone and tooth health. Make sure your formula contains high protein, low in fat, and provides sufficient amounts of nutrients like calcium and phosphorus to promote strong bones and teeth.

Dry kibbles may be more appealing for dogs with tooth issues than wet varieties, as the chewing action helps break down food and clean their teeth. If your pup is having difficulty eating dry kibble, try soaking it briefly in warm water or mixing it with some canned food.

Grain-free foods are a great choice for this breed as they often react to gluten and other grains. Look for a grain-free formula that provides carbohydrates from whole grains or vegetables such as sweet potatoes.

The ideal amount to feed your small breed is approximately half a cup of dry food daily; however, this can be increased or decreased according to their individual needs. Overfeeding may cause your pup to gain weight, leading to serious health issues like liver disease, hypoglycemia, and poor circulation.



  • Does a Yorkie Pomeranian mix make an ideal family pet?

Yorkies tend to do best in homes where they can get plenty of exercise and attention. This breed needs regular walks, as well as the chance to play with toys. Although they don’t need much yard space, it is essential that someone is around at all times for their safety and well-being.

  • Are they good with kids?

Before making your final decision on adding a puppy to your family, it’s essential that you discuss your expectations with a breeder. A reliable breeder should provide health guarantees, vet checks, and ongoing support. Bringing home a Yorkie Pomeranian hybrid can be an exciting and rewarding experience for everyone involved – both dog and owner!

  • Do they suffer from health ailments?

They may be susceptible to certain health issues, such as patellar luxation and low blood sugar (hypoglycemia). To help avoid these conditions from developing, feed them high-quality dry food specifically designed for small breeds.

  • Are they good with other dogs?

These pups enjoy playing with other pets but do not like to feel dominated or overpowered by larger breeds. Involving them in training is recommended to prevent aggression and help them develop good manners as they grow older.

  • Can I keep a Yorkie Pomeranian mix indoors?

A Yorkie Pomeranian mix can stay indoors as long as they get enough exercise. They don’t need a fenced yard but should have plenty of toys to play with and someone around the house all the time.

  • Do They Bark Often?

Tiny dogs like these can be vocal and alert, so it is essential to train them well. Plus, these intelligent creatures love to learn new things!