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DIY Dog Grooming

If you leave your dog at a dog grooming facility, you can be confident that he will definitely be taken care of properly. However, many people wonder as to whether they will be able to groom their dogs on their own at home when they don’t have enough time to take their beloved pet to a professional facility. Of course, it is possible, but they need to put in some effort to learn as well as practice grooming.

Here are some diy dog grooming tips that might help.

Gather information about different dog breeds. You can do this in three ways: look out for books on different breeds at your local library, search for information online or personally speak to a groomer or a vet (visit

When you are gathering information, you must importantly focus on understanding the temperament of different dog breeds, their shedding cycles and texture and length of their hair.

You can either buy or refer to various books on dog grooming. You may feel that grooming is a simple task, but there are a lot of things that groomers need to know before they attempt to make a dog look beautiful. For instance, it is very important that you brush the dog before giving him a bath in order to prevent hair-pulling and knots becoming worse when the fur dries.

diy dog grooming

It is also important to do some research to understand the different types of brushes and tools that you need to use on different kinds of fur such as shears or matt-splitters and which tool or brush has to be used on dogs that have matted fur or large knots. The use of the right kind of tool and brush are essential in order to get desired results.
You can watch video tutorials that provide detailed information as well as demonstrate as to how you can properly do dog grooming, especially for dogs having different hair lengths and textures.

One of the best ways to learn dog grooming is by taking up a job or do some volunteer work at a local pet grooming facility. As you may not have a certification or a degree in dog grooming, you will be allowed only to bathe dogs. The groomer will teach you to properly bathe dogs. You will also be able to see and understand as to how each breed of dog is being groomed or cared for. At the grooming facility, you will get to see anxious animals and learn as to how you should handle them.

After learning the art of pet grooming at the facility, practice what you learnt on your dog at home. If it so happens that you cut the dog’s hair too short or did something completely wrong, there is no need to panic because you can take him to a professional and find out as to where you have gone wrong. He/she will be able to explain to you as to what exactly you need to do and also show to you the proper use of tools to do a good job.