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What Does it Mean if Your Dog Keeps Coughing?

It can be very distressing if your dog keeps coughing. Just like with humans, it can be an obvious symptom of disease, the severity of which can vary. Your dog might be suffering from a temporary discomfort, or they might have a more serious medical condition like a tracheal collapse. Just as people cough from time to time, so can dogs. They might have something stuck in their throat or might just be dehydrated. This obviously isn’t something very serious, and so is no call for alarm. Alarm bells should begin to ring when your dog is coughing all the time, has a heavy cough or is gagging.

If you suspect that something is wrong, and your dog keeps coughing, then you should consult your vet. It’s all very well looking for advice online, however only the professionals will know how to effectively cure your animal.

They might diagnose something called a tracheal collapse. Briefly, this is where the normal C shaped trachea (in a dog’s throat) begins to look more like a U, which can then result in a painful, acute cough. Tracheal collapse can be treated with cough suppressants and sedatives, which are designed to ease the physical discomfort of your dog.

The things to look out for are a persistent cough, or a cough that sounds unhealthy. Coughs that result from tracheal collapse may also sound like a goose honking rather than an actual cough.