Best Dog Beds with Removable Covers

Do you have a canine friend and are looking for a bed with a removable cover? There are several dog beds with removable covers in the market, but which are the best? Keep reading to find out.

Let’s be honest; though dogs are adorable, they can be messy! Therefore, every accessory you get for your dog must be easy to maintain and clean. I am a lover of dogs and have owned them for the longest time. One exciting and hectic activity I underwent for my dogs was finding them the perfect bed with a removable cover for easy cleaning.

I had to try out the different beds in the market before I settled on some fantastic pieces that my dogs now use. Though this process was hectic, it was also a learning period as I gained much knowledge about the different dog beds in the market. Much research and experimenting was done before I landed on the best washable dog beds. Since most dog parents have difficulty looking for the best washable dog beds, I wrote a detailed buying guide on the best dog beds with removable covers to help anyone stuck.

The best dog beds with removable covers comparison table

Dog bedBrandBest forMaterialCheck price
Lesure Bamboo Charcoal Foam Dog BedBest cooling foam dog bedVelvet microfiber, memory foam, and polyester Check Price
Bedsure Waterproof Large Dog BedBest ValueFleece and polyester Check Price
Laifug Orthopedic Memory Foam Extra Large Dog BedBest overallMemory foam Check Price
Casper dog bedBest luxurious choiceMemory foam Check Price
Furhaven Orthopedic Dog BedExcellent for extra-large dogsPolyester, suede, faux fur, foam Check Price
PetFusion Breathable dog bedBest design65$ polyester and 35% cotton Check Price
WEVEGO Orthopedic Dog BedMost comfortableFlannel fabric, memory foam, and foam Check Price
Pettycare orthopedic dog bedBest for older dogs600D Oxford, Flannel Check Price

Best dog beds with removable cover product reviews

Editors choice

Laifug Orthopedic Memory Foam Extra Large Dog Bed

Laifug Orthopedic Memory Foam Extra Large Dog Bed with Water Proof Lin –  ORALIA

✔️ It is so supportive and firm for your pup.

✔️ Durable and budget-friendly.

✔️ Works well with both small and relatively large dogs.


Bedsure Waterproof Large Dog Bed

✔️ It is affordable.

✔️ Easy to clean.

✔️100% waterproof.

✔️ Designed for both indoor and outdoor use.

Lesure Bamboo Charcoal Memory Foam Dog Bed (best cooling dog bed)

Key features

? Equipped with a double-layer memory foam for cooling

? Has bolstered walls

If you want your dog to enjoy the same comfort you do, then this memory foam bed is the best gift. This bed has a high-end design that ensures your dog is warm and comfortable. Besides the cooling effect, I loved that it comes with a velvety cover that provides a warm surface for your dog to lay on. Furthermore, this dog bed is durable and will retain its shape for longer compared to beds stuffed with polyester.

Additionally, this dog bed is designed with bolstered walls that can make your canine friend feel comfortable, enclosed, and safe and act like a billow. Also, when I compared this bed to those with regular stuffing, this memory foam bed is firmer and provides more support.


  • It is waterproof
  • Holds up perfectly well after washing
  • The waterproof liner and bed cover are removable and machine-friendly.


  • Expensive compared to other dog beds on the market


If your canine friend prefers firmer support while sleeping, then this bed has all the features to offer your pet firmer support and keep it cool and comfortable. However, it is only suitable for those with a large budget as it is pricy.

Bedsure Waterproof Large Dog Bed (best value)

Bedsure Waterproof Large Dog Bed

 Key features

? 100% waterproof

? Designed for both indoor and outdoor use

The bedsore waterproof dog bed is simply a classic giant pillow. Therefore, regardless of the size of your dog, it is hard to go wrong with this bed. I loved the design as it provides your dog with enough space to sleep and stretch out without any restrictions.

The Bedsure bed also has a waterproof liner that protects the polyester filling, making it highly durable. Furthermore, the fleecy cover, which is removable is machine-washable. Its simple design is a selling point, but it might not be everyone’s cup of tea. Therefore, if your dog likes a headrest, this bed is not a good option; consider one with bolstered walls.


  • It is affordable.
  • Easy to clean.


  • Does not offer adequate head support.
  • Its simple design might not be for everyone


This bed is suitable for someone that wants to give their pet a comfortable night’s sleep without breaking their bank account. If you want a bed that can be used both indoors and outdoors, then this bed will serve you quite well.

Laifug Orthopedic Memory Foam Extra Large Dog Bed (best overall)

Laifug Orthopedic Memory Foam Extra Large Dog Bed

Key features

? The outer cover is tear-resistant and water resistant

? Equipped with high and low pillows to provide head and neck support.

If you want a high-quality dog bed that won’t break your bank account, then the laifug orthopedic memory foam dog bed should be your first choice. Laifug is highly known for producing the best quality orthopedic memory foam beds for our pup friends. I found this bed to be not only comfortable to lie on, but it also provides extra head and neck support, thanks to the low pillow and high pillow smart design. Its waterproof liner is tear and water-resistant, making this bed quite durable. Furthermore, I liked that the liner is easy to remove and wash. The cover also dries up quite fast compared to the covers of other washable beds.


  • It is so supportive and firm for your pup.
  • Durable and budget-friendly.
  • Works well with both small and relatively large dogs.
  • The cover dries easily.


  • It can be too firm.


Laifug orthopedic memory foam dog bed can easily become anyone’s favorite as it is affordable and equipped with high-end features to ensure your dog is comfortable. It is durable and has a low and high pillow design that offers your dog extra neck and head support.

Casper dog bed (the best luxurious choice)

Casper dog bed

Key features

? It has a sleek and modern design that can go well with any home décor.

? It features a microfiber blended material that makes it durable.

The luxurious Casper dog bed provides our canine friends with the best and most comfortable sleeping environment. This bed comes in three colors; gray, blue, and sand. Its cover has a canvas-like material around the edge and suede-like on the top.

I loved the unique design of this bed, with supportive foam bolsters all-round and softness to offer extra support for your pet’s head and neck and lessen joint pain. Therefore, if your dog has a condition like arthritis, you would want to get this bed to ensure it is comfortable all through the night. Additionally, this bed features a comfortable and plush cover that will offer your dog a luxurious sleeping experience.


  • Provides a firm, supportive, and comfortable foam base.
  • It offers relief for a dog with arthritis or joint pain.
  • Easy to clean


  • Not a great option for a dog that prefers a firmer sleeping surface.
  • It is expensive.


For those who do not mind spending on luxury for their furry friends, the Casper dog bed is a bed to get. This bed is durable and offers more support and comfort to your pet to allow it to rest free from any joint or muscle strain.

Furhaven Orthopedic Dog Bed (excellent for extra-large dogs)

Furhaven Orthopedic Dog Bed

Key features

? Offers a gentle sleeping surface made of plush curly faux fur.

? It has an open mattress design to give room for stretching.

Furhaven orthopedic dog bed targets extra-large breeds that require extra comfort and support. This bed has a luxurious yet removable cover and a supportive foam base to give your furry friend a relaxing and comfortable sleeping environment.

The design of this bed aims at offering support and ease of maintenance to the dog and the parent. I was impressed by how large enough it was, with a unique design to ensure your large canine friend can stretch comfortably while sleeping. The design is sloped with ends raised to keep your pet’s head slightly elevated, offering extra neck support.

This orthopedic mattress also features a dense and thick orthopedic foam that offers enhanced ergonomic and orthopedic support for your pet’s joints, back, hips, and neck. These features can relieve joint pain and help your dog relax its muscles.


  • It offers enough support to help with muscle relaxation.
  • The removable bed cover is easy to clean.
  • Its design offers head and neck support while giving room for stretching.


  • It’s not suitable for dogs that like to chew.


If your dog is extra-large, consider getting the Furhaven orthopedic dog bed. I loved its unique sloped design with raised and open ends to give your dog extra neck support while allowing it to stretch or sleep in any position.

Petfusion Breathable Dog Bed (Best Design)

Petfusion Breathable Dog Bed

 Key features

? Non-skid bottom

? Equipped with a solid memory base

If you are looking for a breathable dog bed with a removable cover but still has a smart design that will offer comfort to your dog and add a classic touch to your home aesthetic, consider getting the Petfusion breathable dog bed. I was impressed by the various sizes and colors of this bed. Therefore, you can always get what fits your home best.

This bed’s solid base and bolsters will offer your furry friend optimal support and safety. I loved the cover of this bed as it is tear-resistant and water-resistant, making it durable. The memory foam of this bed is also Certi-PUR US and provides comfort to your dog, relaxing its muscles and helping relieve joint pains.


  • Equipped with a tear-resistant and water-resistant cover.
  • Comfortable and offers relaxation to muscles.
  • It has a great design that goes well with any home décor.


  • It is not suitable for large breeds.


The design of this dog bed is great. It could easily fit in and add a classy touch to any home décor. Its cover is tear- and water-resistant, protecting the quality of your bed from any accidents or water spillage.

WEVEGO Orthopedic Dog Bed (the most comfortable)

WEVEGO Orthopedic Dog Bed

 Key features

? Equipped with a 4” pillow.

? Made with breathable gel memory foam

For anyone, comfort is key during night times. This is no difference to your fury friends. The WEVEGO orthopedic dog bed focuses on offering your pet the most comfort and support throughout the night. The base of this bed is made with premium memory foam and is soft to offer additional support and comfort to your pet. I loved that the velvety pillow offers additional comfort and support for your dog. Generally, with its high-end design and materials, this bed is made to offer muscle relaxation to your furry friend.

This dog bed features gel memory foam that is breathable and cool and will not flatten or change shape easily. I found the texture of this bed to be soft, ensuring your pet gets enough rest with no joint or muscle pain. Its removable cover is made of 100% soft flannel fabric and is tear resistant with a waterproof layer. Finally, this bed is easy to clean as the removable cover is machine friendly.


  • The 4” pillow offers your head and neck extra support.
  • It’s durable and retains 90% of its shape and support for the first three years.
  • It comes with an easy-to-wash and machine-friendly cover.
  • Tear-resistant bed cover with a waterproof layer.


  • It is expensive
  • It can be too soft for dogs that prefer a firmer surface


This bed is focused on offering the utmost comfort to your pet. If your pet suffers from muscle pain, joint pain, or arthritis, this bed will be the best option to get. Its cover is made of soft flannel fabric, allowing your dog to get enough rest without straining its joint or muscles.

Pettycare orthopedic dog bed (best for older dogs)

Pettycare orthopedic dog bed

Key features

? Equipped with four-sided bolsters

? Anti-slip bottom

If your dog is a bit older and requires extra support and comfort, look no further. The Pettycare Orthopedic dog bed with removable cover is made with high-end materials and designed to ensure your furry friends get enough rest free from muscle strain or joint pain. I liked how this bed combines CertiPUR-US-certified memory foam and a high-density egg crate, which helps distribute your pet’s weight evenly and relieves pressure by providing your pet with joint support. This makes it a great option for dogs that are older as they require more comfort and support.

The cover of this bed is waterproof and protects the bed from water damage. It is made from super soft flannel fleece; hence, it is easy to wash and dry. Furthermore, I loved the anti-slip bottom as it ensures your pet bed does not move even when playing on it.


  • The sleeping surface is soft and comfortable.
  • The removable cover is waterproof and machine friendly.
  • Equipped with four-sided bolsters that offer extra support to your pet.


  • A bit small for extra-large dogs.


This bed combines comfort and luxury for your old furry friend, who needs more support and comfort than young dogs. The memory foam and egg crate design of this bed ensures weight is distributed when your pet is resting, thus relieving pressure. Therefore, if your dog is a bit older, this soft and comfortable best would serve it excellently.

? Buying the best dog bed with removable covers – what to look out for

Since the market offers a wide variety of dog beds, here are the most important things to look out for when making your decision:


Several brands offer dog beds made from nylon, fabric, cotton, fleece, or plush. However, there are some washable dog beds in the market designed with micro suede or microfiber materials that make them durable, machine-friendly, therefore, easy to clean compared to beds made with other materials. Therefore, if you cannot compromise on convenience, go for the latter.


Size is another key feature you should consider, as you need your little friend to be comfortable. Dog beds come in various sizes, including large, medium, and small. Ensure you pick the appropriate size; not too small or too big. Furthermore, the size of the bed you get will depend on your dog’s sleeping pattern. If it likes to spread out, consider getting a bed with extra space; however, if it curls, there would be no need for a wiggle room.


Dog Sleeping Bed

If you reside in a cold place, you must look for a warm bed option for your dog to spend the night in. Beds that tend to provide warmth are mostly orthopedic beds equipped with a memory foam base. However, such beds tend to be expensive. A cheaper alternative would be beds with faux fur liners.


You will not only want a design that aligns with the rest of your home décor but is also comfortable for your dog. Some dogs will sleep comfortably and perfectly well in a bed that looks like a giant pillow. Others will prefer beds with bolstered walls for headrests and extra neck support. Furthermore, if your dog struggles with anxiety, get it a sofa bed or one with walls all rounds for the walls to act like a nuzzle place. This will help them relax and feel safer. You can also opt for couch beds, beds with denim cover, or sofa beds as this tends to not only fit with most home decor but also adds a classy touch to your home.


If your dog needs extra support or has health conditions like hip dysplasia, arthritis, or even joint pains, then you should go for a bed that is soft and offers the utmost support. The best dog beds that will offer your dog the required support to lessen joint paint are the ones with a memory foam base. So, consider investing in an orthopedic bed.

Final verdict

There are several dog beds in the market. However, those with removable covers are easy to clean and maintain. You would want to go for something that is high-quality and suits your dog’s needs. Different dogs have different preferences and unique sleeping patterns. Therefore, the bed you go for should offer comfort to your furry friend. There are also several designs to choose from, ranging from large pillow designs to sofa-like beds. Ensure you purchase a bed that is comfortable, with a design you love. So, what dog bed with a removable cover would I recommend? I found the Laifug orthopedic memory foam extra large dog bed the best because of its high quality. Its outer cover is water and tear-resistant and comes with a neck and head support perfect for your fur friend. For this reason, I would highly recommend it.


What is the best material for a washable dog bed cover?

If you want a material that is easy to clean, breathable, and durable, go for a bed with a cotton canvas cover. This fabric is strong and thick to withstand chewing and scratching. Furthermore, it aligns well with any home aesthetic and is easy to wash. Therefore, when your dog messes with their bed or brings mud to it, you know you can easily handle that with minimal stress. Other great fabrics you can consider when buying a dog bed are suede, faux fur, and Sherpa.

What laundry detergent is safe for washing dog bed covers?

Most vets recommend using an anti-inflammatory shampoo certified to be pet friendly. These pet-friendly detergents are mild, free from dyes and fragrances, and hence safe for your furry friend.